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Amitee Beauty Box | May-June

The Amitee Bridal Beauty Box 

After reading all of the hype I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to a beauty box or two. The main problem I had was deciding which ones to go for.

Currently, you can subscribe to a few companies such as Amitee, Amarya, Glossy Box, Jolie Box and She Said beauty boxes. They all work in the same way but some have found certain companies offer better service and products and that others don't work fairly offering the best products to the same customers over and over again leaving the majority of subscribers with the tat. So you can see why I was having problems choosing, as a thrifty lady I didn't want to be paying to boost certain subscribers boxes while I received rubbish.

I settled on Amitee and Amarya for my first boxes. Amitee provides their subscribers with natural and organic products and I haven't yet received my Amarya box.

I finally received my 'Bridal Box' on Friday and I'm guessing it was possibly the May box but I received it in June. (confused?? I am too).

The card states: 

As this is the Bridal season we know that we will be attending at least one wedding this summer or if you are lucky enough you will be hosting the wedding. This box is dedicated to all the brides, bridal party and guests. Weddings are all about looking your best. We have selected the best products that will leave you looking and feeling great. We hope you enjoy it. Amitee. 

The card shows what products may be inside the box including their sample prices and full-sized prices. I feel that I received the best items. 

Inside the box I received: 

18ml Alva Stressed Handcream 'for rough or dry hands and cuticles' smells like tea tree and lemon. Sample price: £2.10 When trying this I didn't expect it to be anything other than standard cream. It surprised me in that it was deeply nourishing, it smelled gorgeous and really kept my hands moisturised for much longer than other brands. 

I have tried other brands that were supposed to moisturise the hands and cuticles and never made any difference to my cuticles, let me tell you this really does! my cuticles and nails felt ace. I would definitely purchase this full-sized which would cost £7.70 for 75ml. 

15ml Alva Skin oil This comes in a glass bottle and most of the information is in German. I cannot read German, unfortunately. The bottle does say that it's not tested on animals, paraffin-free, paraben-free and preservative-free. 

Sample Price: £5.15 This product is supposed to diminish scars, blemishes and uneven skin tone while acting as an anti-ageing oil. I will post a review after testing it for a lot longer. It contains Sanddorn, jojoba, vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn and almond oils. 

5g Botanicals chamomile facial serum This also comes in a dark glass bottle. This doesn't say anything else on the bottle.  Sample Price: £2.30 Again, not one that I have tested yet and I will be posting a review but I don't think I would pay £18.95 for only 28ml?? 

Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo This is a time-release shampoo which is unlike most shop-bought shampoo's that I have ever tried (review coming soon) Sample Price: £4.95 This is an Olive Oil based shampoo that does not 'sud' as much as big-name brands it has delayed action in that it cleans the scalp and then the hair rather than doing both at the same time. It also smells delicious, sort of like an adult baby shampoo smell. 

Eldora handmade false eyelashes code H106. Anyone who's ever thought about subscribing to a beauty box or who reads beauty blogs  Price: funnily the card never stated what the price of these are but just states 'Eldora is about beautiful, quality and value-priced lashes. 

I know without a doubt that I will not use these. I have never liked the look of false eyelashes and as someone who has naturally short rubbish eyelashes, anything bigger makes me look like a drag queen. They also never came with glue and I'm not going to go out of my way to purchase glue. The actual lashes I received cost £4.25 on the Eldora website and are 'gradient effect lashes.

I'm not sure if I was 'wowed' by the box and for the life of me cannot see what these products have to do with brides, bridal parties or wedding guests? I know I never chose these types of products when I got married. I was in two minds whether I would keep on subscribing so I will try another month and take it from there. I also noticed a few typos on the product card such as 'cleansing' was written as cleansing and the Alva products was written 'Alva' just me being petty but I thought they would have double-checked that before sending. 

So what do you think about these products? did you receive a beauty box this month? what did you get? 

Happy Jubilee Weekend Everyone.


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  1. You should (if you're not already) subscribe to glossybox. It really is amazing. :)

  2. Hi Alex *waves*

    Currently I subscribe to Amitee and Amarya although I think I will be changing the Amaraya. Do you subscribe to Glossybox? Can I ask what type of products you have got in the box? I know a few people who have said they were changing as they weren't happy but I may just have to give them a try.

    Happy Daddys day?
    Sweet Elyse xx

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I did reply but thought I'd pop over to see your review for the Amitee box since I haven't heard of it! I'm glad you dislike false eyelashes as much as me!

    I got one box from Amarya and was a little disappointed since all I had was two sachet samples and a full size tube of cleanser. Great if you love the product, but not so much if you don't!

    I second that Glossybox is quite good, although again, there were false eyelashes! From the two boxes I received, there were shower gels, face masks, makeup (mascara, foundation, bronzer samples), hair serum and perfume samples. So there is quite a large range!


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