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I am really starting to love beauty boxes, I have nearly got round to them all so when I heard about a new one by The Cosmetics Boutique I was diving in head first. Some of the other boxes have left me disheartened especially when they are hyped up so much and you find out what you have is nowhere near as good as what was published. So with anticipation, I opened my box and found these lovely goodies. Needless to say, I am delighted!!!

Here's what I found inside my box

Make Up Cuticle & Nail cream 15ml RRP £4.49 | This came just in time, I have tried other cuticle oils but they leave my cuticles feeling dry (defeats the purpose) but this left them soft due to it being a cream and it also has a fine applicator which allowed me to apply the right amount of cream straight on to my cuticles with no hassle. Love this so much.

Makeup Silicone base 15ml RRP £9.99 | Perfectly prepares the skin for make-up prolonging its durability. This left my skin looking smoother and oh so soft. I tested it using a cream eyeshadow and my eyeshadow didn't crease which is a huge plus in my opinion.

5g Make Up Fixing Powder RRP £5.49 | This is a mineral transparent powder that comes in a sifter container.

Nail Lacquer in 'Fresh Mint' 10ml RRP £5.49 | This swatch is the Fresh Mint with 2 coats. It applies nicely and has a really lovely pastel fresh green colour. It's really nice and the bottle is very luxurious and thick.


Second Skin Foundation in sand beige sample (full size £12.99)

Second Skin Foundation in Natural Cream sample ( full size £12.99)

Cherry Blossom Bath Salts in black voile bag (Spa Senses Collection) | These smell divine and I have put the bag in my undies drawer. I could smell these before my parcel was even open.

Fragrances Samples which include:

| Comparable to Burberry Body the notes are absinthe, ambergris, sandalwood, freesia, and juicy pear. It definitely has the scent of fresh pear as it's most distinctive note and is a gorgeous day time scent. £19.50 for a 50ml bottle.

(Classic Collection) | This smells is very sensual and womanly with an oriental/woody scent. The notes are sour almonds, vanilla, musk, moss and jacaranda tree. £11.99 for a 30ml bottle.

FM16 (Classic Collection) | Sweet but not cloying this is a very ''me'' scent. The scent you would attribute to a high powered woman working for a glossy magazine in the city. Notes are toffee, pear, and orange on a subtle base of orchid and powdered patchouli. £11.99 for a 30ml bottle.

FM18 (Classic Collection) | This is a wood chypre scent with notes of orange, grapefruit, and bergamot with sweet jasmine and roses, although the notes make it sound very fruity and delicate it smells lovely as though those notes where put together during the twilight hours. A fruity floral with a touch of darkness and naughtiness - lovely. £11.99 for a 30ml bottle.

FM281 (Luxury Collection) | Vibrant, girlie and intensely beautiful and sexy this scent is made of roses, currents and strawberry's and is a real head turner it's gorgeous and is a stand out scent. My favourite by far. £16.99 for a 30ml bottle.

Overall, I was very impressed with The Cosmetic Boutique's beauty box. The boxes start at £10 and you get 2 full sized products in each box and a range of samples. As you can see the items are really gorgeous. This box in comparison to other boxes was one that didn't make feel like I had been conned somehow like the other boxes do. This one didn't make me think I would definitely not be purchasing another

If you want to purchase a beauty box from The Cosmetics Boutique here are the details. 


Price: Boxes start at £10
Full-sized items:
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