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Dueto Parfums | The Love Story

The Dueto Parfum Love Story

I could have kissed Mr Postman today when he delivered my goodies from Dueto Parfums. As you all know I love beauty products so it's only natural that I would love perfumes but my issue is that I'm a perfume snob! I am and I'm not ashamed to say so, the problem that I find is that most perfumes resemble too many others resulting in a fragrance shelf that smells too similar.

I love woodsy, oriental, floral and fresh scents but not citrus. I love when a perfumer creates that special scent that resembles a dirty girl in a flower field, or a glamorous girl that has been around a  burnt barn. (See I'm a snob and oh so picky)

So when they said they would send some over to trial I was beside myself hoping that today would be the day I would find 'my' scent. The one scent that doesn't turn, cloy or make me sick, the one scent that my husband could smell and it would make him think of me poured into a bottle. 

So Mr Postman arrived and Dueto Parfums really out-did themselves - Thank you Dueto Parfums!! My samples were bagged in the cutest black voile bags and the tester spray bottles are amazing, one thing for sure Dueto's branding is second to none. The golden boy is in a gold tester bottle that reminds me of a fancy battery, want to see...

The Fragrances I received include: 

Lady Cool (Pink) 
Goldenboy (gold) 
City Love (Black with white writing) 
City OUD (Black) 

So I tested these out at various points in the day to see if they matched my personality. Here is the review for each of the fragrances. 

⇢ Lady Cool 

This scent is fresh, floral and sweet. It then evolves into tenacious warm and woody notes that fade into a warming musky scent. The scent itself smells feminine and sweet at first, it's a younger feminine scent that welcomes you with a youthful but playful hit of sweetness and progresses into a sexy glamorous wood and resin dry-down giving it some real depth that has a hint of sexiness.  At no point did I want to wash this off and I will be wearing this scent tomorrow for sure. 

Dueto describes this scent's personality as a woman who is a Jet Setter who is cosmopolitan, fresh, feminine with confidence that shows no boundaries in style. She is the type to mix pretty lace dresses, biker jackets and scuffed boots with the laces loose. I love how Dueto have made these fragrances with personalities and the personality of this fragrance matches my alter ego, I'm thinking that maybe why I love it so much. 

⇢ Goldenboy

Although this is a male fragrance I found this scent to be very wearable and I think it is also amazing layered with Lady Cool!  If this scent was alive Goldenboy would be an Urban, masculine hunk of a man who just like Lady Cool, don't follow fashion but rather makes his own style! Crisp White T-shirts mixed with battered boots a biker jacket and faded denim. 

The notes in Goldenboy are saffron, leather, suede, Cedarwood, musk and vanilla so it literally is lust in a bottle. Again this scent drew me in and my husband who really doesn't bother about scents loved this and was wearing it today and will be wearing it tomorrow also *swoon* 

⇢ City Love

This fragrance is the bottle emotions of Lady Cool and Goldenboy when they fall in love at first sight. Imagine Goldenboy leaning against his Mustang in the city when Lady Cool bumps into him their eyes meet and the hustle and bustle of the city fades out, hearts start the race, they can't take their eyes off each other!and they both realise that they are in love.  The emotions that they both feel at their encounters such as surprise (cinnamon), lust (patchouli), passion (geranium), love (rose), empowerment (violet) and calmness (oud) have been zapped into City love. 

This scent was a little bit lighter on my skin than I originally anticipated because it does smell darker in the tester. City Love is romantic with sensual rose with infused oriental woods and a harmonious blend of city culture.  This is a great work smell if you want to feel like a female powerhouse then this is your scent. I personally feel that this scent is a confidence builder and is oh so womanly in every way. 

⇢ City Oud

Finally, my favourite scent by far was City OUD unisex fragrance which can be described as vintage with magic notes of saffron and cinnamon, rose and cedarwood on a long-lasting oud and Amyris base.  These notes together are just w-o-w! There's not really any words that can describe this smooth and complex fragrance.

The brand has done an amazing job in the creation of City OUD especially and the notes that make up this fragrance are rare and expensive, it is only natural that the scent itself would take on these qualities. One of many positives I found with each scent is that you can smell the real notes rather than the chemical synthetics like some perfumes give off when on the skin. 

Overall I was highly impressed with each fragrance from start to finish. I have already put down City OUD on my wish list and think that it is the scent that resembles me as a personality. It doesn't change on my skin and it has real lasting power which I find difficult with most high street fragrances. 

For anyone wanting to purchase then head over to their E-shop which is Dueto Parfums online shop. Which fragrance do you think you would prefer? 


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