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Toni & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder || Is It Any Good?

Everyone knows that Toni & Guy are a hairdressing company don't they so I won't go into that but did you know they have their own product line? 

I've used Toni & Guy products on and off for a number of years and especially love their Insights shampoo for brown hair. I've noticed that there have been more diverse products hitting the Boots shelves over the last year and one of those is the Toni & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder which essentially is a dry shampoo and volumising product. 

My hair is long but it's also very fine and flyaway. Because it's horrendous in the wind it gets knotted and greasy at the roots with all of the movements - it's essentially a pain in my ass and I wash my hair daily to combat it. Also because of it being so fine I just cannot get curls, waves or any voluminous type of up-do to stay put in my hair, I've tried volume and thickening shampoos, conditioners, miracle sprays, Bump-It's and back combing my hair to near-death but nothing has really given me the results that I dream off. 

You can imagine how excited I was to finally get my hands on the Casual Sculpting Powder - I couldn't wait to try it out! 

My first attempt was pretty dismal. I hadn't heard of a product like this before so was slightly bewildered about how to use it but since it sounded similar to Baptise Dry Shampoo just in another format I decided to just wing it and see what results happen. The results were a greasy looking slicked do' I've never been much of a quitter so figured I'd give it another go because clearly, it had to work somehow...

On my second try, I decided to give it a bash on fresh clean hair. This time I shook out some of the product aiming for my roots just as the instructions said to although, to be honest, I hardly got any of the roots due to the way it came out of the tub. It landed all over the top of my head rather than just the roots. It blended into my hair quite easily and straight away my hair felt thicker but also quite starchy and I hate that texture which is similar to standard dry shampoos. I styled it into a messy bob and decided to put its wearability to the test. At first, my hair looked neat and glossy, the bun section felt securer than normal and the style remained intact until bedtime. 

When I took out my hair however I decided to try and straighten the front sections as they looked disheveled, I got out my beloved GHD's and as hard as I tried my hair wouldn't straighten after using this product. 

My third attempt was on day old hair. I had slightly greasy roots, dry at the ends and it just looked pretty yuck. Normally I don't leave the house with this type of hair as it just saps away my confidence but I figured what the heck let's try it once again. This time I shook the product onto my hairbrush and then brushed it in starting at the roots. It was the only way I could ensure even coverage specifically on my roots. This time applying it with the hairbrush worked wonders. I opted for the bun style again because who wants yucky hair hanging in their face? The sections that normally fall out and frame my face actually looked fresh, not overly clean but normal at least. I no longer felt greasy or embarrassed to leave the house and I managed to head to work - normally I would never went to work with unwashed hair. Ever. By the afternoon the effects had started to dwindle. I struggled to re-apply the product while I was at work due to the mess and the bun style. I had to shake some on to my hands and smooth it down while applying some more Kirby grips.

My overall opinion of this product was mixed. The product claims to be feather light - which it is. It did give my hair volume which is a major positive in my opinion and I do feel that I can get away with more hairstyles. Other positives include it being unscented, it also blends well into the hair and I would recommend it for anyone who has fine hair or hair that lacks oomph. As for me ever repurchasing this, I don't think I will. I didn't really love the starchy texture and just can't get used to going out with unwashed hair - of course, that's my issue and not a product issue. 

If you plan to give it a try I would recommend using the product on hair that's one to two days unwashed (oily hair after one day) and applying the product to a brush before application. Price per use this is an affordable product that's also readily available in most shops and online beauty websites such as Boots here and eBay. Unlike dry shampoo's this has better lasting power than say, Baptiste, it also doesn't leave you with white or grey patches if it does not blend in well. 


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