Too Faced // Are you Insured?

Let’s Talk about Insurance, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye shadow Primer to be exact.

Like everyone I know when it comes to dull conversations about insurance *groan* I switch off. In my teens I didn’t understand what the fuss was when it came to primers, after all I didn’t have crinkly eyelids or problem skin but now as I’ve got older I know all too well the issues that come with aging skin and creased eye shadow is one of the major issues I have.

I did a bit of research into what was the best primer to purchase and it came down to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Too Faced won because I love the packaging and Too Faced products so I knew I would be in safe hands. 

Typically If I wear eye shadow halfway through the day it has really started to look washed out, shiny or creased or on typically bad days maybe halfway down my face due to having combination skin with an oily T-Zone like many other women. I have similar issues with pigments and longed for the days I could wear my pigments like the models in magazines, vibrant, even and non-creased.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance costs around £16.50 in the UK but can vary depending on where you purchase it from. As soon as Mr Postman arrived with my primer I had to try it out, really I was so excited I literally headed to the mirror, I found the product was a good size, the packaging is so cute and girly (one of the selling points for me personally) and the product itself is easy to apply to the eyelids, it literally feels like silk but dries clear.I applied it by taking a tiny amount and dabbing it on to the eyelid and up to the brow bone and under eye area. I also applied it under the eye because I found it kept my concealer in place all day.

To blend Shadow Insurance I dabbed it around until it was blended well rather than pulling at it, the eye area is very delicate and pulling and tugging can cause more fine lines (eeekkk).  Shadow Insurance dries quickly allowing me to put my eye shadows liners and pigments on straight away.

I found the results to be unanimous in that it did what it claimed to do. Stopped creases, kept my makeup in place all day and I never had to re-apply it throughout the day which was fantastic.I also found that when you apply more than one colour on to the eyelids it stopped the colours from bleeding into each other.

I also use Shadow Insurance on ‘nude’ days because I love how it keeps my skin and eye area looking fresh rather than shiny and oily and I just generally like how it makes my skin look. So for anyone wondering what the fuss is about primers and thinking that surely they must be a big waste of money I urge you to think again. Imagine that you have purchased your favourite M.A.C Pigment only to find the colour looks washed out, slides off or just doesn't have the vibrancy you expected? You would be disappointed, wouldn't you? I know I would.  

The money spent on the pigment will have gone to waste unless you decided that you liked the crinkly eyelid look. So what does a girl do? Prime it, that’s what.  If you use Too Faced Shadow Insurance or another primer you are guaranteeing that you will never waste another penny on eye shadows, liners, and pigments again! The packaging also ensures that you can squeeze the last drop out rather than having to cut open the tube (hate having to do that).

I am a Too Faced Shadow Insurance convert and I have this on my wishlist and have left ‘said’ wish list around the house for Mr Elyse to take note.

Have you tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye shadow Primer?

What did you think about the product? 


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