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Barry M || Jewel Britannia Nail Polish

I have the crown jewels! well, not really but I do have the gorgeous limited edition Barry M 'Jewel Britannia' nail polish (shade 228 if anyone needs to know) 

I've added the swatch above to show you just how lovely this polish is, with glitter becoming increasingly popular I have been searching for a fab polish that doesn't resemble the ones I used in my youth. I wanted a polish that was chunky without being OTT, was grown up but still fun and as soon as I saw this little baby I know I had found the perfect polish. 

This retails at only £2.99 from Boots which is amazing for a limited edition polish.

As you can see it's an Olympics inspired polish with chunky flecks of blue, red and silver glitter. I have swatched it over nude nails with 2 coats but I'm thinking just how amazing this would be over a black matte or white polish. (need to add to my to do list) 

I now have my sites on the Barry M Silver glitter limited edition and the colour swap chameleon polish. What are your latest polish purchases? What do you think of the Jewel Britannia glitter? 


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  1. I love this! I'm a big fan of glittery nail polish anyway so I will have to keep a look out for this one! I love the colours and a little bit of sparkle always cheers me up on a cloudy day. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Peanutbunny, you are so right sparkle does cheer you up doesn't it, it let's me feel youthful. Boots currently have it in stock if that helps, If you have any Boots points you could even use those to purchase it, Hugs & Kisses, Elyse xoxo


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