Review | Mini Gycro Zoomer Helicopter

The cutest little 'copter around. 

The mini remote control helicopter from Paramount Zone is only 11 cm long and will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is really light but I found after a few attempts that it is very sturdy. This mini helicopter is so much fun so and as soon as Mr Postman delivered this beauty I had to *smiles* give it a go right there and then.  One of the features I loved was the multicoloured lights and I know that kids love the lights too, at night time they are amazing! 

Pretty Lights

I know many might be thinking that it will be easily broken or gosh that must be hard to navigate with as those where the initial thoughts I had before trying it out and to be honest, this is so much easier to use than the average remote control car (bumped table legs anyone?) Although the age is 14 years upwards my five and six-year-old sons were able to control the gyro helicopter with ease and on their own.   

The mini remote control helicopters are made from a 'crash-resistant' material and it comes with spare back propellers and main blade so if you do need to make a repair you can do so straight away. So far, we haven't had any major crashes and haven't had to use the spare parts. I think it's an excellent idea to have these parts and this is one of the features that impressed me. 

The Gyro Zoomer Helicopter can be charged via USB (20 minutes) also which again makes playing with it so easy as you don't need to hunt around for batteries, with Christmas coming up there is nothing worse than kiddies getting a new toy and not having any batteries. The gyro helicopter, in my opinion, is a heap of fun for all ages, is sturdy and innovative and is something that will make a wonderful gift for all ages.

You can check this out and lots of other cool gadgets (for less than £20 may I add) over on the Paramount Zone website. 

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