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Yay, Joliebox time again and like before Joliebox again has impressed me. For those who haven't heard of Joliebox I'll start by telling you that they are a beauty box company similar to  Glossybox and Amarya. It costs £10 per month to subscribe to Joliebox and there is no tie in's or contracts so you really can treat yourself to one month or more if you fancy. 

I have so far tried all of the beauty boxes and many of the other companies have let me down. Even the good boxes still made me think 'are they really worth it' that is until I started with Joliebox. Want to see what goodies I received....? 

Contents included: 

Balance Me, balancing facial moisturiser (trial sized)
I was happy with this because I have become a bit partial to Balance me as a brand. I have noticed a difference in my under eye area with their eye cream and their hand cream works a treat. I will update you with a review of this product. 

Ritessens Exfoliant (full sized)
Ritessens is a French brand that uses Moroccan argan oil and natural plant extracts as its ingredients. I was eager to try this product due to it containing argan oil and my skin becoming quite dry and sensitive to this rubbish weather. The product reminds me somewhat or Apri exfoliator as it also is creamy with little grains in it and has a slight fruity scent. The application was easy and the grains are the right size for exfoliating into the nooks and crannies of the face. After washing off my skin felt clean but moisturised rather than dry, red and sore. 

Had this not been in the Joliebox I doubt I would have purchased it as the packaging doesn't 'wow' but you can tell it is a luxury product due to the additional fancy box the tube comes in. (rubbish brands don't bother with additional fancy packaging). 

Moa The Green Balm (trial) 
I love The Green Balm and did so prior to getting this little trial sized in my box. Moa balm is great for anything from dry chapped lips, dry elbows, under-eye moisturiser, cuticle balm, stray hair fixed to eyebrow taming. It really is a multi-use product that isn't packed with any nasty ingredients. 

LOV Organic 
You might think it's strange that Joliebox would put the tea in a beauty box and I know some bloggers thought just that, I believe that tea is a great beauty product due to it being packed with Zinc and antioxidants as well as keeping you hydrated and your skin perky. If you're not a big tea lover why not make some tea and use it as a hair rinse for ultra glossy locks or even use it to soothe puffy eyes or use as a toner? I also awarded LOVE Organics points for their adorable packaging. 

Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick 
I so wanted to love this product but as soon as I took it out of my box I was in a huff with it, why you ask? firstly the labelling wasn't fully stuck on to the product which is petty I know but it gave the product as less than professional look, secondly, the labelling is so boring and didn't make me eager to try it out. I love to make my own cosmetics and lip balms and because I love my own handmade balm I have become a lip balm snob.  Jason lip balms are 70% organic (not hugely impressive either) but I decided to try the little stick out, it has a strong peppermint oil flavouring which tingles upon application, the balm is moisturising but it has a huge novice fail! the balm itself is grainy. 

Grainy balms are caused when you're making a product containing Shea butter and beeswax. Beeswax needs high heat to melt and, Shea butter has a lower melting point. A novice would melt them together and then pour once melted but someone in the 'know' would know that you melt the beeswax and then take off the heat adding the Shea butter at that point stirring until melted. Shea butter will melt at a lower heat due to the beeswax being hot, this stops the balm from turning grainy once cooled. 

With Jason lip balms being a professional company I was slightly worried that if they could make a simple mistake like grainy balm what other mistakes could they make? 

What do you think about the October Joliebox?  What goodies have you been getting recently? I love to hear your comments so please link your posts below and leave me a comment or two, I always reply. 

Edit: Joliebox is now called Birchbox. 


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