Funzee || The Fight Against Jack Frost

We are all feeling the nip from Jack Frost here in Scotland and to be honest, I hate it! especially this morning. I woke up and darling Mr Sweet Elyse had put on the heating to warm up the house but it was still far too cold and that was even with my fluffy spot socks. ( I know I am so cool). I find when the cold hits fashion sort of goes out of the window, it becomes more about keeping warm and wearing fantastic textures such as boucle, warm cotton, wools and cashmere. 

So this morning I got up in my cool garb, I sat on the couch with 2 cushions snuggled around me and my housecoat wrapped around me and I was still feeling that nasty icy nip so I started thinking what the heck could I put on just so I could get the courage to go and get dressed.  Then, it started to rain! so that was that it was decided that today was going to be working from home, craft and play with the little princes and get up to date with everything sort of day. This still didn't help my predicament of what to do to keep warm until... 

I remembered my Funzee! all hail for the Funzee! You're probably wondering what the heck a funzee is so I thought I would put up a pic of what it is. It can also be described as a 'onesie' and is a one-piece suit made of soft, fluffy material that closes with a zip from the naval to the neck. 

This baby is super soft and is a fleece material. My Funzee is white with blue cuffs and is super warm and cosy. No frost gets into nip my skin 

I got my Funzee from here I chose the white as I tend to go for classic colours, as much as I love patterns I get bored easily and classic colours never go out of style.  Funzee offers the Onesie in a range of colours and patterns such as stripes, due coloured, hooded and ones with no hoods, wizard print and also leopard print. 

The onesies are made of either 100% polar fleece (which is what mine is made of) or 100% cotton so if you're typically hot all the time I'd advise going for the 100% cotton. The polar fleece is super soft, the cuffs are also well made and give the onesie great shape. 

I was also surprised because at 5ft 1 I tend to find that most onesies are too long, they drag on the floor or they become baggy around the crotch and bottom area, this was different in that the sizes are specifically made for heights rather than sizes and therefore, fitted me as though it had been custom made. 

I will put up pics of Little prince wearing the Funzee later on as they wanted to prove to me how it would fit them as they wanted to steal it once it arrived! let's just say there was a grumpy little prince when it became clear it was too long for them. 

The Funzee onesie's cost £26.95 and I will be buying my mum one for Christmas, I'm thinking the leopard print as I know she will adore it.  

Which Funzee onesie would you choose? 


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