Bassbuds: Music for my heart and sparkles for my ears

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and I decided to start the Christmas countdown a little bit early so you can be super organised. First, on my must-have list are Bassbuds and they are especially fantastic for music lovers of all ages, I received these new pink Bassbuds from the classics collection at the weekend and I have to say I still have a huge grin on my face. 

Here's the important stuff about Bassbuds. 

*Bassbuds come in 20 colours, colour is important to me personally and I love how Bassbuds have taken into account the tastes of their customers. I love the pink but I am also coveting the Harmony buds from the 2012 fashion collection.  which are red and pink and so very Cath Kidston. 

*They include Crystaltronic technology which ensures Bassbuds give out the high-performance sound quality. 

*They come with a range of accessories such as a protective case, 6 pairs of silicone tips and 3 pairs of memory foam tips which make listening super comfortable. 

*They are made of aluminium and are very lightweight. 

*Anti tangle double wrapped cord because we know your pocket thinks it's a boy scout and tries to make all of those super difficult to mend knots. 

*They are compatible with all smartphones. 

*Bassbuds are only a fraction of the price of their competitors but with the same or better quality and performance. 

Having tested these babies out I can genuinely say they do meet all of the claims above and then some.  They fitted my Galaxy Note and my husbands iPhone easily and look so sleek and expensive. I know that if you buy these for a lucky someone for Christmas, they are going to be amazed how much you spent on them (just let them think that, I won't tell if you don't) and how great your taste is. 

As many of you know I love music and I love fashion so these really ticked many boxes for me personally, I initially thought that Crystaltronic technology was just going to be a fancy word that was used to try and sell the product but I noticed the difference in sound quality straight away, previously I would have had to turn up my volume just to try and hear the words clearly to my Rihanna or Katy Perry ( don't judge), normally some songs sound muffled or fuzzy but the Bassbuds gave off sound that was clear and smooth if that makes any sense, it really is the only words I can use to describe them.

and then there is the Swarovski crystals which is simply stunning, they really shine and are so much more amazing in person than what they look like from the picture above. Any females recipients will adore these sparkly buds straight away, I promise you that. 

If you fancy taking a peek at the amazing colours or the Bassbuds range then click on over HERE

BassBuds are offering you guys an amazing £5 discount off your purchase just enter BB38478  at the checkout. (Thank you Bassbuds). 

Which colour do you think you would choose? 

I hope that makes your Christmas buying easier as you can now tick off 1 (or 2 or 3) presents and sit back and relax with a mulled wine or two. 


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