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This is a bit later than I wanted to post but you have all probably had the winter bug that's going about as did my little monsters. However, during my short 'holiday' I have been testing out my Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box goodies.

This particular box was a real mixed bag for me, not that I disliked it or the products contained inside but mainly because it felt all over the place with the types of products and the product styles.

The pretty box was stuffed full with lots of lovely products such as eyeshadow, lip-gloss, nail varnish, cleansing gel and cupcake cream (read more on that later) and more.

This Betrousse beauty has 9 full-sized products which is absolutely amazing if you consider it's competitors that have on average five products with only 1 or 2 being full-sized or large sample size. Currently, Betrousse main competitors are Amarya, Glossybox, She Said Beauty and Joliebox. There are others but I feel these ones are the main ones within the U.K.

So what did I receive in my box?

Papier Poudre blotting papers three-pack - Costs £7.95. Each of these books of blotting papers holds 65 sheets. I absolutely love the Papier Poudre blotting papers having tried them from another beauty box previously, I tend to keep one in my handbag, one at work and one at home as I can't go through the day without my lunchtime blot. I use to hate having shiny skin and these papers take away the extra sebum and leave me with super soft skin. What's not to love about that?

Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Cleanser - Costs £11 for a 200ml bottle and was wonderful at cleaning my skin at the end of the day without stripping it or leaving it feeling greasy or on the other end of the scale tight.

Yves Rocher Sexy Plump Volume Gloss - Costs £13.90 and it's the red gloss you see in the picture. This gloss was the right amount of pretty but glamorous and was suitable for both day and nightwear. It's easy to apply and has a non-sticky texture that 'plump's up your lights slightly. Personally, I didn't notice a difference with the lip plumping but I was really impressed with how nice this was on and how it didn't leave my hair sticking to my lips when I went outside.

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette - Costs £2 I know some people received a pink version and some received the grey lilac version. I wasn't too impressed with this at all and personally, I feel it may have been this eyeshadow palette that brought the tone of the box down a peg or two. The packaging is very flimsy and my eyeshadow palette came off a hinge when I first opened it. The colours are nice and have a slight metallic shine to them but the colours don't transfer on to the eyelid very well and you are left with a faded bland look to the eye. This is possibly a good palette for younger teens or those starting out with make-up.

Saffron Black Crackle Nail Polish - Costs 75p. One word No! No! No! I did try this out and it cracked well but scratched off far too easily and within the hour my nails looked like a cracked mess. I was so hoping that this little 75p nail polish was going to be my amazing find, the polish to really wow me and the one that I would tell everyone about but it wasn't to me, unfortunately. 

Essyta Cosmetics body moisturising lotion for dry skin.- Costs £13.50 for a 250ml bottle. This lotion was a godsend as it's super cold, the central heating is on more and my skin was really suffering from the winter blues. After having my relaxing bath I decided to try this out and applied it to my legs and feet. I personally found the herbal scent of the lotion too much and had to wash it off but that was me personally. I tried it again the next night on my feet and it really did moisturise them and take away that horrible dry feeling, the scent is something I think I will grow to like but I doubt I would repurchase this once it's finished.

Cupcake Organic Frankincense and Orange day cream - Costs £16ml for a 30ml. I was so excited to read 'cupcake' I had thought it would be sweet-smelling or contain some sweet ingredient or be in an equally pretty pot made of cupcake yellows and oranges like it's a super cute box, this wasn't the case and while the bright orange (excellent quality) pot was nice and unusual it didn't seem to register as having anything to do with what I perceived as being cupcake or cake-like at all? The scent also was herbal and I disliked it but that may be due to my sheer love and passion for anything cupcake-y. My cousin tried it and found it was fantastic.

Kesari Radieuse Anti-Age cream - Costs £47 for 30ml. Wow-what a price tag I love anything anti-ageing as I really believe that no-one is too young or too old to treat the signs of ageing naturally. It has great reviews and comes in a cute lilac pump tube. I am going to review this product separately after Christmas because I really want to give it a fair shot and be able to give you the full facts on how well this product does.

Arganti 100% Pure Argan Oil. - Costs £10 for 60 ml. There has been a lot of hype about natural oils and Argan oils, in particular, I love natural oils but to be honest, I was terrified of them before trying them out. This product can be used on both your hair, skin and cuticles and while it doesn't look exciting or smell gorgeous the products itself really improve your hair and skin noticeably.

The Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box costs only £19 in which you receive goods to the value of £122 which is an amazing bargain. So far I have no doubts that Betrousse is way ahead of its competitors and their customer service is especially worthy of note for being so awesome.

Did you receive your Betrousse Beauty Box? What did you think about its contents?


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