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NEXT | Festive Shop Window Design

Feeling Stylish Blog are currently hosting an amazing competition where you have to design a festive window for Next. I love Next and buy most of my clothes, homeware, and my children's clothes from there due to their quality and style and because of this, I had to jump on board and enter. 

If you have followed my blog you will know I like pieces that are transferable and classic, pieces that are stylish but can be used outside of say, the Christmas period. You will see from my shop window that I have decided to opt for the romantic setting and backdrop but teamed the delicate sheer whites and grey tones with the bold Burgundy's and Pine green for a real festive atmosphere. 

Clothes wise I wanted to show how you could go from day to night but still keeping to a chosen colour scheme, I love the cosy oatmeal stag print jumper and teaming this outfit with the slight sparkle and mini heel still leaves the outfit feminine and festive. 

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the decorations and home comforts would it? Again I feel burgundy is such a sumptuous and warm colour that it can't leave you feeling warm, cosy and safe in your surroundings can it? Teaming the bold burgundy prints with the shabby chic colour pallet with the grey mirror and metal heart ornaments leaves it warm but not too oppressive. Again all of these items can be used outwith the Christmas period. 

Here are the links for all of the items pictured in my Next window mood board. (All of the items are from Next), pictured above: 

Night-time Casual 
Stud Dippy Hem Dress in Grey £55
Black Sequin Corner Frame Clutch £22
Berry Ostrich Cardigan £38
Black & Pewter Platforms £60

Daytime Cosy
Sparkle Slab Heel Shoes £30
Oatmeal Stag Sweater £24
Red Skinny Trousers £26

Bell Heart Decorations £10
Glass Light Tree's £20
Love Cushion by Kirstie Cordel in Red £20
Grey Heart Mirror £12

What would you think if you were to see these items in the Next shop window? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven't already entered this competition then please head over to Feeling Stylish now 

Hugs and Mistletoe Kisses


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  1. Love that grey dress and the stag sweater! xx


    1. Hi Julie,

      It's super gorgeous isn't it. I hope you had a great festive season and I'll go pop over to your blog just now.

      Elyse xx

  2. The Reindeer jumper is too cute. good luck!

    now following, would be great to follow each other :)



    1. Hi hunny,

      Thank you for your comment and popping by, I will go and follow you just now lovely.

      Hope you have a fab New Year
      Elyse xxx

  3. I like the sweater :)

  4. Hi Jolu,

    It's super gorgeous isn't it. I hope you had a great festive season and I'll go pop over to your blog just now.

    Elyse xx


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