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Xmas is coming | Perfect Computer Game

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

11 Sleeps to Christmas!!! 

I am super excited and cannot wait to see what my son's faces are like, Have you all done your shopping or are you a last-minute shopper? As someone who is freakishly organised I feel now that all of the shopping and hustle and bustle has been done that I can finally relax and take care of the smaller details of the day such as Christmas baking, wrapping and getting back to regular blog updating.  

I was asked if I wanted to enter the Perfect GAME competition that GAME is currently holding and of course I had to enter. I have put some considerable thought into what I would like to see in a game and what would keep me interested. I then asked my sons what they thought of my game idea and of course the response I received wasn't too positive.  I'm sure most teenagers and little girls [and older ladies] will love this game. 

Dream Game 

I love games such as Gourmet Chef (FB) and The Sims where you can really get in and design but I am always put off by the 'do you want to buy cash' ad's that tend to pop up or force you to add people or put things on your wall. If I could choose I would take the design aspects from these games. 

I love platform games like Spyro, Sonic and Super Mario Worlds (showing my age) and like most other ladies [or magpies] I love things that are pretty, look nice, easy to follow and aren't too severe so I would take the platform game aspect from these games. 

Mystery levels, mystery items and awards are all exciting so again I would add these as they keep me determined and interested. 

My game would be a world where you run your own businesses and run a town. You can build your own homes, shops, roads and you had to hold events to get the public interest up. (like concerts, build cinema's, sports events and various forms of entertainment). 

When you build your world to get some of the higher quality items like plush pads, boutique shops and better shop products you have to enter into a platform game level where you have to collect X amount of coins/tickets/magic stars and if you do you can earn hearts. Hearts can be used for purchasing high-quality items and allow you to progress further in the game. 

To keep you involved like Gourmet Chef and The Sims you will have to go and make sure the shops are stocked, the houses are being tended too and the events are going to plan, you earn coins for doing these daily tasks and if you don't then the shops will go bankrupt and the events will be cancelled (which is not good). 

I think it would be awesome because it would satisfy my need to design, to progress and I am a tad pig-headed when it comes to things like this because I know I should just give up but I get so determined that I 'must' continue.

Sound-wise anything some modern girly music would be fantastic, I do like it when computers give you the option of choosing the music and possibly adding in an aspect where you get to choose better songs if you plan an event or open up higher levels or specialist items. Anything by Justin Beiber, Girls Aloud, P!nk, Example, Taylor Swift or Kei$ha are a must. They may be cheesy but for some reason, I just don't get fed up of their cheesy tunes. 

I may try to draw my game inspiration (don't laugh) If I manage it without chucking something out of the window I will upload it. 

What would your perfect computer game be and why?


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