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I love chocolate, need I go on? 

Most people I know love chocolate but, there is chocolate and then there is CHOCOLATE! Cocoa Boutique sells the later form. Chocolate at it's finest and chocolate that just melts in the mouth and surprisingly doesn't make me guilty about partaking in a chocolate fest. 

So who's Cocoa Boutique and why are they so fandabbydosey? 

Cocoa Boutique are a company that have numerous awards, worked with Mcvities to help create the Royal Wedding cake as well as making the Queen Mother's birthday cake and have the most delightful, Moorish and affordable chocolate selection...ever. If it's good enough for royalty it's good enough for me. 

How gorgeous does this selection look? 

These were the chocolate's that I kindly received from Cocoa Boutique to review *swoon* with my honest opinion. 

The chocolates in the box are: 

♥ Pink Champagne Truffle
This was so smooth, not cloying unlike other branded white chocolate and these were decorated with real dried raspberry pieces. 

 White Strawberry Cream 
Absolutely adored this chocolate, I am not a huge fan of white chocolate but the white chocolate and the strawberry really balanced out the sweetness. The 'strawberry cream' reminded me of a fresh strawberry milkshake and was a huge happy surprise. 

♥ Raspberry with a hint of orange
This is made with 30% cocoa solids, you can taste the difference between high street chocolate and 'real' chocolate when eating this chocolate, it really is a great balance. 

♥ Milk Chocolate almond praline 
I love nuts, I love praline. Combine the two and you have a very happy Elyse. I think that this chocolate is the absolute best chocolate and the best almond praline I have tried yet. 

♥ Milk Chocolate Buttons 
Again these are made with 30% solids and taste velvety smooth and melt on the tongue. 

♥ White Chocolate Buttons
My son placed his claim on these as soon as the box arrived, I did manage to sneak 1 (o.k 2) and these were just as smooth and creamy as the milk chocolate without being sickly sweet like other white chocolate brands. 

 ♥ Pamela
This is the chocolate that stood out as far as presentation, while the rest are beautifully presented this had (I think) a chocolate transfer on it and was so smooth and level. The filling was unusual but one I would love to try again, 70% dark chocolate encased a smooth cassis-pear ganache that really was to die for. 

♥ Cocoa dusted dark chocolate salted caramels
A year ago I would have shuddered at the thought of salt being mixed with sweet caramel until I really sat and considered it. We like sweet and sour food so bringing this concept to sweet treats was worth investigating. Previously I had tried the salted caramel Lindt bar and some Etsy handmade salted caramels so I knew what the bar was as far as what was considered good. I was nervous to try these because they were dusted in cocoa powder and having greedily stuck my fingers in a tub of cocoa as a child I knew how horrifying it tasted. I bravely popped this in my mouth and the cocoa became chocolaty, no harsh face-pulling tastes going on here, then the smoothness and the caramel with the hint of salt which really brought out the richness of the chocolate......heaven! 

 Milk chocolate truffle 
A classic chocolate truffle but made with the finest chocolate, you can really taste the 30% fine cocoa solids in Cocoa Boutique chocolate which make one hell of a difference in comparison to other brands. 

♥ Rum cafe cream
This was another one I was hesitant about trying, while I adore coffee ad 'cafe' flavours like a madwoman. I really dislike alcohol chocolates. This was the second last one I tried and I was surprised that it didn't have the sharp alcohol taste like normal rum chocolates had. This made the chocolate so delightful and I had wished there was more of this little cafe delight in the box. 

♥ Dark chocolate brandy truffle
Another alcohol chocolate that caused me to re-consider trying but like the rum cafe cream, this didn't have the nasty alcohol bitter taste that other branded boxed chocolates have. This was smooth, sexy and really tasty. 

♥ Drunken Irish vanilla
Honestly, I didn't taste any alcohol with this chocolate but the Irish cream and vanilla sweetness mixed encased in the sexy deep milk chocolate half circle casing stopped this from becoming too sweet. 

♥ 70% Ecuador dark chocolate buttons
Who doesn't like chocolate buttons? at 70% dark Ecuador chocolates these really kept my taste buds going throughout the day and coupled with a few espresso's let's say I got a heap of work done. 

♥ Milk chocolate honeycomb
These were so yummy and so nostalgic for me, my dad used to buy me the old fashioned style honeycomb bars which I loved but don't see around anymore. These reminded me of those bars so much and coated in chocolate these managed to pop into my mouth very quickly. 

♥ Dark chocolate coffee beans
I'm a huge fan of chocolate coffee beans period. I use to purchase Holland & Barrett's chocolate coffee beans that are until they stopped selling them in my local store (cue the tears) These are 65% rich dark chocolate and crunchy whole coffee beans and the differences between the smooth chocolate and the crunch are soooo good. (Yes that called for that many ooh's) 

Normally the 'Best of the best' selection costs £34.95 and the if you want to continue with a tasting subscription further boxes cost £19.95  BUT you can get the best of the best selection for a walloping £25 discount for the next 46 hours! that's only £9.95 people's! (including delivery) Not into chocolates? why not surprise your loved ones with Valentine's day just around the corner, for less than £10 I'm sure your loved one will be so surprised and grateful for these. 

To visit Cocoa Boutiques Facebook and read about their many happy customer experiences over on Facebook. To visit Cocoa Boutique's website to read their FAQ's and ogle their chocolates head to their website. 

Edit: It seems Cocoa Boutique are no longer in business. 


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  1. Wow - these sound absolutely lovely! It sounds like the perfect gift to give... yourself! lol #sweetvalentines


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