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I was asked to complete a survey for Millennium Hotels  this survey, however, was like no other survey I had ever participated in before. Normally surveys consist of boring tedious questions and are pretty dire at times. Millennium Hotels survey was unique and very interesting and I had so much fun taking part. 

 The Millennium & Copthorne Hotel brand owns 22 hotels across the world, offering those who stay the chance to relax in real luxury in prime locations such as London's Kensington, Chelsea football grounds to the dreamy shores of Dubai. 

So what did this survey consist of? The survey was to find out what bloggers thought of chocolate, our likes, dislikes and perceptions of a range of luxury Hotel Chocolat branded treats.  

and I know you want to see what's inside....

Straight away I could tell that the Millennium brand were a brand that know who they are and stuck to their strengths. Many companies try to be something they aren't and tend to fail on some level, I found that this wasn't the case with the Millennium Hotels brand. The brand is a high-end luxury company boasting of 22 hotels across the world, I viewed the chocolates as being an extension of their brand as they also were high end, non-commercial and very smooth and sexy. 

The chocolates that arrived were all in the 'goody bag of the season' and can be found over on the Hotel Chocolat website

Eton Mess Slab - Strawberry and vanilla chocolate with cookies, strawberry and meringue pieces.
Billionaire's Shortbread chocolates - A combination of praline, caramel and cookies. 
Salted Caramel chocolates - Domed soft-centred caramels with a pinch of sea salt. 
Smiley Lick - Milk chocolate solid lollipop. 
Chocolate Gemstone drops  -  Pure chocolate fusions that melt on the tongue.

upon opening the goody bag I thought my favourite would be the salted caramels for sure, I love salted caramels due to it being a unique taste. I love how the sweetness really tantalises those taste buds, as soon as the sea salt hits the taste completely changes becoming richer and more grown-up. The Hotel Chocolat's version did not disappoint and I really have no negatives to say about these wonderful domed delights. 

I next tried the Eton Mess, normally I don't go for white chocolate preferring a darker counterpart but decided to try it with an open mind. At first taste there is not a huge amount of flavour, the chocolate is very creamy and smooth and melts in the mouth quite quickly, this is when the flavour starts to come out. I found this slab very reminiscent of white chocolate and this was very sweet. Although it was nice I decided not to re-try it as it was a little bit too sweet for me. 

Next was the chocolate gemstone drops, with their promise of melting on my tongue and the unique chocolate fusion, I found this packet was oozing sex appeal from the get-go. Hiding these away from children's eyes, I dabbled in a bit of chocolate debauchery to find that these do indeed melt in the mouth as promised. The flavours of the gemstone drop change from sweet too rich, smooth too deep and dark as the cacao comes out to play. I adored these and did want more. I could really see these as being the chocolate version of the Millennium & Copthorne brand. 

Next came the huge smiling chocolate that I was forced to share with my little princes. They couldn't understand why they just couldn't have it, after all, it did have a child's print and apparently, mummies are too 'old' for lollipops *harrumph* 
Smiley lick had the deep flavour of the gemstone drops without the maturity and the lollipop itself is a huge treat and is one I would recommend for all ages but wouldn't choose to use as a way of describing the hotel brand due to it being a bit too playful and young. 

Lastly was the billionaire's shortbread chocolates, these look lovely but I assumed they would for some reason be very sweet. The saying ''Never assume anything for you will only make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me' '' was very apt for these chocolates, I got these completely wrong and in the end, these were my absolute winner. The overall design of these was very professional, the ingredients worked together with the caramel sweetness balancing out the rich chocolate and the biscuit giving it a modern edge. The half domed shaped also oozed luxury and I feel that my description of the Billionaire's Shortbread chocolates is exactly how I would describe the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels.

When I think of chocolate and chocolate to this calibre I think of romance, love, passion, glamour, fun and maturity. I would love to have taken this goody bag to the Paris Opera Millennium hotel. This particular hotel oozes 1920's glamour, situated close to the city centre this is the ideal vacation spot for my husband and I. The romance, the luxury rooms and the attractions coupled with some champagne and chocolate is my ideal vacation. 

In the UK however, the Millennium Hotel in Glasgow is my favourite. It embodies glitz, glam and modern high-end design, the decoration is second to none and I have to say I am in love with their wallpaper (must find out who makes it) if you want to see what I'm talking about by taking a peek here - Millenium Hotelsat the gorgeous picture gallery 

I have added these to my must-visit in 2013 list. Have you visited the Millennium Hotel? if so which one? Where would be your ideal destination? 

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