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My Favourite Shoes | Walk in My Shoes

Normally I post about styles and fashions and how to put outfits together but I rarely blog about my life. I decided to change that and to enter A Daisy Chain Dream's blog competition. To be in with a chance of winning we were to blog about our favourite footwear and why as well as choosing our top picks. I am really cutting it fine with my entry purely because I couldn't decide on my top picks (there are so many gorgeous shoes)

The day that my son was born in 2006 while I was in hospital my ex-husband went out and bought me these shoes from Next as well as some lovely clothes so I could start life looking as amazing as I felt now that I had become a mummy. Those shoes made a huge amount of difference in how I felt and I definitely feel they stopped me from having postnatal depression. Those shoes also got me through my job interview, took me to the hospital (and back home again) when we had our second and then the third child and I have worn them to many outings with the family and anniversary dates with my husband. 

I love their vintage style, not overly vintage that they will go out of fashion and not too in your face that they scream 'look at me'. These shoes go with absolutely everything. Some people have blankets for comfort, some wear Wonderbra's for confidence, I wear my Next cream shoes. 

Marilyn Monroe once said ''I don't know who invented heels, but all women owe him a lot'' 

I completely agree. Heels are like the feminine version of guns (which are bad) but put on a pair of heels and a gorgeous outfit and rock that confidence. Heels elongate the legs, make you stand tall, walk like a supermodel and just generally ooze sex appeal. I chose these heels for that reason and those reasons alone. Classic styles mixed with modern twists.
Black lace Shoots £45  Black & Nude Strap Shoes £38   Navy Slingbacks £32 Wood Wedges £60 - All From Next. 

What's your favourite pair of shoes and do you have a story behind them? 

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