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Review | Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Cream

I received this gorgeous bundle of yumminess from Forest Secret Skincare just before Christmas and prior to receiving this, I honestly hadn't heard of the brand before. Now you all know how much I love my beauty and skincare and I feel that creams, lotions and general moisture for the body are the first and most important step in all skincare regimes.

Initially, upon receiving the bundle I was w-o-w-e-d by the attention to detail that went into the packaging alone, the box is a forest green, they have included the information on the brand and product (which I love, because I really want to know what I am using and if it is ethical in the first place) and even the little card says:

'Merry Christmas We are all stars and we all deserve to twinkle...Marilyn Monroe'.  

They had also glued little crystals to the address section on the outside of the packaging which was so unique and really made me smile when it arrived...... Thank you Forest Secret Skincare, you guys are awesome! 

I adore creams and never ever go without applying twice a day, night and morning. When I was younger and so inexperienced (but believed I knew it all as we do) I didn't use a cream at all, I believed it was the worst thing you could do when you had oily skin and there was no way I was taking chances on making any pimples or spots worse. Little did I know or understand that without moisture (in the form of creams, oils, serums etc) the body will overproduce oil which is called sebum to keep the skin and hair healthy and to stop it drying out this can really imbalance your oil production and the result is greasy, oily and pimple prone skin. 

Recently I have had to endure months of trying out new foods and health and body products not because I want to but because my body is forcing me to take a new approach, see I suffer from a variety of illness which results in my body and I fighting, I have since become allergic (not sensitive but medically allergic) to a host of ingredients such as gluten, aspartame, sodium, sulphates, sulfites, certain E numbers and preservatives which has left my diet somewhat raw and natural (healthy but non-inspiring). My skincare had to also change as I also became allergic to many ingredients found in products that I had previously loved. 

So as you can imagine Forest Secrets Skincare and in particular, their iRejuvenate cream couldn't have come at a better time as I was eager for a cream that didn't cause any reactions, itching or burning but was still powerful enough to really moisturise my skin. 

The cream is an anti ageing body cream but I do use it both on my face and body, the scent reminds me of herbal purity, very natural but the herbal botanical scent comes from active botanicals that not only smell great but help your skin regenerate collagen (which keeps it nice and plump and young-looking) and improve skin elasticity. 

The packaging is unique and you simply twist the top so the cream can come out, it reminds me somewhat of the TIGI shampoo bottle method and ensures that you only use what you really need to.  The cream is a delicate pink colour and absorbs well into the skin leaving you with a non-sticky, comfortable and moisturised body. I have noticed that my skin is smoother, less shiny throughout the day and is definitely less oily in the T-Zone since applying the cream. 

My sons love this and always come up to smell mummy once I've applied it after my night time bath, not sure if they are implying I smell bad prior to applying this and my husband has also stolen some on occasion after shaving, he says he likes the smell but wishes the cream wasn't pink. (men huh,)

The second best thing about the iRejuvenate cream is that it contains no nasties such as parabens, silicone's, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours or PEGs and it is also BUAV approved meaning that all of you vegan chicks and dudes can enjoy Forest Secret Skincare with peace of mind. 

My personal opinion is that you should upgrade your current skincare routine for 2013, want to care more for your health and your body or how you look then drink more water and use a skincare brand that cares more about your skin than its pockets. I thoroughly recommend this product and will be purchasing more once my current lot has run out. 

The iRejuvenate cream costs £25 for 125ml but you can purchase the 20ml for the try me price of £6. You can visit the Forest Secrets website if you want to take a look or find out some more. 

Hugs and New Year Kisses 

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  1. Thank you for your lovely review!
    It is so nice to know your children like the scent of the Cream of Wonders
    Sorry to hear about your allergies, I have some too, :(, I have to watch sulphites, chocolate and diary. I find that taking omega 3 oil and quercetin I get no reaction or much less...

    Green Chemist at Forest Secrets


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