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Wayveband // A Wristed Development

Look at my pretty custom bands!...

Wayveband are a company who offer fashionable wristbands that are unique, creative and most importantly stylish. As more and more celebrities were pictured having their own wristband arm parties us non-celebrities wanted to join in with this fashion and Wayveband allow us to do this at an affordable price.  

If you head to their website you will options for pre-designed bands as well as custom bands that can be designed with words, quotes or photo's in your own colour choice. The uses for these bands are endless and other than the obvious fashion accessory option these can be used for party bags, VIP invites, charity advertising, gifts for a new mum or even wedding favours. 

Everyone likes to party so I couldn't wait to receive my Wayvebands so I could get my own arm party started initially I found it difficult deciding what to choose, the pre- designed wristbands are gorgeous and I love quotes and words so wasn't sure if I should go for a custom photo or printed quote. Having decided to go for one of each I'm so happy to have received them today. 

I also wanted to firstly point out that I am hugely impressed by the customer service offered by Wayveband, after ordering I was kept informed every step of the way and when we had bad snow I was emailed to basically apologise if they were held up even though this was through no fault of Wayveband, they weren't actually held up but this showed me that Wayveband are a company who care about their customers and not just the sale. 

Receiving them today I am even more impressed by the sheer quality and detail on each of them, the leather strap is thick and clearly is made out of quality goods, the printing is secure, sturdy and exactly as I requested with no printing faults and the fastener is actually an adjustable screwed in pop stopper type of closure which you pop into the varied holes and also has a leather thong to make the wristband even more secure and stylish. 

I opted for the 'tribal' band and you can see just how amazing the colours are, I feel the colours are more beautiful and complimentary in person than they are on the website (colours will vary from screen to screen). This design only costs an affordable £5!!

The second wristband is the green custom printed design, I personally chose the background colour, text colour, font and printed quote which really makes this band unique. The quote I opted for was; 

' Quis nos animadverto pendeo pelagus in guis nos requiro' 

Which means 'What we see depends mainly on what we look for' this quote makes me stop and consider the world around me, taking into account others feelings, those in need of help or someone who is needing some attention and it makes me feel a sense of calm whenever I think of it, this wristband is a daily reminder to stop and do something good selflessly daily.  Can you believe this band only cost £7? 

I already have a tonne of ideas for more bands to add to my eclectic collection such as the yellow animal print band, a plain peach and a plain baby pink as well as another custom quote, the hard part is deciding what quote..... 

Wayveband are kindly offering you guys an amazing 20% off if you use code: SEB20  
before March 30th. 

If you want to start your own arm party then pop over and visit Wayveband on the links below, remember to use your 20% off code also. Visit Wayveband over on Facebook. 

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  1. This wristbands are really nice i like you collision custom wristbands cheap thank you for sharing these posts


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