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Baker Days | Cake Cake Wonderful Cake

Just for me but what is it? It's a Baker Days Letterbox cake! 

Have you ever considered, or even purchased a birthday cake just for yourself when it wasn't your birthday?  I know I adore the thick white icing, the soft fluffy vanilla sponge and the right amount of buttercream and jam. Even the thought of cake as I type leaves me salivating and although I personally haven't bought a birthday cake just for the sake of eating I have really wanted to. 

I recently came across Baker Days on Facebook and was so inspired by their concept, I rarely add cake pages to Facebook only because I can't justify some of the crazy prices and the ones I am really inspired by are based too far away, but the Baker Days letterbox cake concept intrigued me.  This is why Baker Days stand out from a crowd, they allow you to purchase a cake [celebration or otherwise] and have it posted, damage-free! they literally have a design for any occasion from shabby chic floral designs and modern prints that cover the whole cake to cakes that are covered with your own prized photo's. 

You can also choose your own flavours from standard [but yummy] vanilla, carrot cake, chocolate chip and fruit cake to the considerate gluten and wheat free flavour. Size-wise you can opt for the small cake which is around 4-5 portions to the larger 50-60 portion cake. 

Anyhow enough about the cakes, do you want to see my one... 

I really love Cath Kidston and this really stood out as a pattern I just had to have on my cake, I think the heart 'Just for' is so sweet. I was also hugely impressed when I opened the tin because not only did I find a gorgeous cake but also a blank gift card, 3 balloons, and 2 white glittery candles I felt this was so considerate of Baker Days and really makes sure any celebration goes without a cakey hitch. 

It's my sons 7th birthday on Tuesday so we both tried this cake out as a pre-birthday treat, he adores vanilla sponge and the thick white icing so couldn't wait to get stuck in.  This cake is a 1 layer sponge cake covered in white fondant, the buttercream is actually on the bottom layer and is so moist and tasty

The sponge tastes homemade and fresh and actually tastes so much better than any shop-bought cake, the sponge is not too sweet and like Goldilocks, I found this was just right. Needless to say, this was gone pretty cake and no crumb was left un-eaten. 

I'm slightly disappointed because I had ordered my son a birthday cake from a local cake lady and her cakes don't taste as good as Baker Days cakes. Had I came across Baker Days earlier I would have for sure purchased from them. 

The small cakes start from only £14.99 delivered and I love that the cute cream tin it comes in is reusable. Which pattern would you choose? 


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  1. Wow what a great idea! I love that these come in a tin too! Its my boyfriends birthday soon, so I will be checking them out for sure!



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