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Grammy's | Best & Worst Dressed 2013

A lot is made of the Grammy's fashion and in all honesty, I don't bother about the Grammy's, I don't bother to program it in or watch it or even care who's playing what and when all I care about is what was worn by who and did they look amazing or crap. 

I like it when celebrities wear something different from their normal style or wear amazing accessories or just look more glam than they normally do but there is a very fine line between glam, boring and trashy. 

My absolute favourite look of the night is Miss Kelly Osborne! wow, she looked amazing, didn't she. I normally don't care for Kelly but I am inspired by her new love of fashion and her newly svelte body (wowzers) and I think that she looks so much better with her feminine rockabilly vintage style as it evens out her face shape (if that makes sense). 

The worst, well there are a few who looked like dogs dinners, Nicole Kidman I feel looked so uninspiring and her gold Vera Wang was kind of expected.  While I adore Vera Wang I felt that this dress was the wrong shade of gold and looked like gold lame window netting. 

Katy Perry was another celebrity that surprised me as I normally adore Katy's quirky style but her dress was pretty but that's about it, If I was at the Grammy's I would have had a quiet word telling Katy, 'You're a gorgeous girl with amazing curves and mahoosive boobies but do you really need to flaunt it all?' 

Apparently, it was first worn by another actress called Bingbing Li who I feel looked one hundred times better, what do you guys think? 

So these are my top pics of Grammy fashion, loved because of their ability to enhance the celebrities beauty, they look elegant, fashionable and are accessorised perfectly. 

The Good 

And here are my worst offenders chosen because, well it's pretty obvious to see I feel. 

The Bad

Who was your favourite Grammy celebrity? 


  1. #sweetvalentines cute blog! happy valentines day :)

  2. My favourite was definitely Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. They looked gorgeous.

  3. I disagree with the Katy Perry thing, boobies may be out but the rest of the dress is so conservative i think she gets away with it. Just. Lol, Love the blog! Natalie Davy


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