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Ideal Cases // My Custom Phone Case

Custom Designed Cases, anyone? 

I am a little bit late in doing this post *oops* I found out about Ideal Cases just before Christmas time and instantly squee with delight at the prospect of designing my own iPhone case. I tend to be hugely picky when it comes to design based items and find that because I love colours and patterns with a passion (Geeky I know) I can get bored very easily, just ask my old Bebo friends who had to bear witness to my ever changing profile skin changes (I am no longer a Bebo user). 

I loved that I could create my own case to my own spec so wanted to make sure that I filled the design space with things that I wouldn't get bored off easily, I am not a huge mobile fanatic and only really use my mobile to take photo's, check emails, organise my self while out, do business and keep on top of meetings and boring stuff so I knew that the case didn't need to wow anyone else but myself. 

Initially, I wanted to also purchase an Ipad case for my husband as he had got his beloved Ipad around October time and still hadn't got a decent case for it but as fate would have it the day after I came across Ideal Cases he comes home from work with a hard backed bright orange faux leather case, well that was my Ipad case idea pooped. 

So switching onto selfish me I decided to create a case just for little old me!  If you haven't popped over to Ideal Cases yet then I'll tell you what to expect. Some sites can baffle a consumer from the get-go but Ideal Cases website is clear and easy to follow, they give you the option of choosing your gadget and you can choose from Ipad, Kindle, iPhone, Nook, Blackberry, Samsung etc. Once you click your gadget and chosen your model you can then choose what type of case you want to start designing, again options are full-wrap or clip on but do vary depending on your gadget and model. 

My particular case cost £12.49 although I did receive this for free through Ideal Cases and Fuel My Blog I think this is an excellent price but more on that later. You are given the option of adding your own photo's or images, you can further customise this by choosing your layout or even going with no specific layout template which I know has been really popular with other bloggers. 

Like I mentioned before I am a simple gal' so I know that the only thing I wouldn't tire of seeing was photo's of my sons, I had recently taken a few pics that I adored especially since my sons no longer looked like babies in them. I personally choose a simple layout and popped my photo's into the squares fixing them so you can easily see their cute little faces. I considered adding text or some cute quote but quickly deleted it for fear of being too mumsy and cute. (On those tough power tripping days I would have cringed) 

I opted for blue because it's really brought out my son's images and it's supposed to be soothing is it not? While my design is very basic and simple I could have gone wild and added images of buttons, flowers, varied colours, added text and even made it look like an ultra cool collage, part of me wishes I had done this somewhat. 

Overall I found the designing process very easy and really enjoyable, I released some of my inner design divas and was very proud of my finished design. I expected this to take around 7-10 days for delivery but this arrived in a super speedy 4 days!! and it was just before Christmas so I was very impressed. The quality was excellent and the actual case as you can see looks sleek, fits my phone model well and it looks exactly like the design I made on the computer. 

My sons felt like superstars when they saw it and decided that they also wanted to design a case so are going to design me one from Ideal Cases for my Ipad for Mothers Day (March the 10th apparently).  

Overall I love my case, I am hugely impressed with the usability of the site, the low price especially considering the price of some iPhone cases that have less of a wow factor and the delivery is second to none. Want to start designing your own Ideal Case? 


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  1. they look fab especially for iphones which all look the same and everyone seems to have #sweetvalentines


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