Illamasqua // Eyes & Nails Mystery Selection

I have always loved the look of Illamasqua products, I love their vibrancy but couldn't justify the prices. I tend to have bad luck with make-up and them not living up to my high standards so hadn't ever purchased Illamasqua for fear of wasting the best part of £15 onwards. 

While browsing the Debenhams website I came across this 'mystery box,' it states that the contents would be worth around £92.50 if purchased separately but they were selling at the amazingly bargainous (yep it is now a word) price of £35 and are only available at Debenhams. 

The box guarantee that you will get 6 products. 2 of them are shown on the front and are the precision ink eyeliner and the liquid metal cream eyeshadow, the other 4 products would be 2 nail polishes and 2 eye shadows but the colours are what makes this box a mystery. 

Having read the reviews I know a lot of people were receiving the vibrant purple and neon yellow eye shadows and I was secretly hoping that I would get these colours while most hated them I really need some vibrant pigmented eye shadows for SS13. 

Here's what I found upon opening my black box of goodies. 

bundled up in a bed of black shredded tissue paper like little baby make-up birdies. Although I am so impressed with the contents I thought it looked a little bit strange that they put these items in such a large box, it did look like there should have been so much more inside.  (Can only hope I suppose)

Contents included 

'Jan' nail polish (worth £13.00)which is a mauve purple colour and I applied this straight away (swatches to follow) it applied easily and left a glossy professional finish and still hasn't chipped days later. 

The green polish is ' Rampage ' (worth £13.50) this does need 2 coats to give an even colour but it is such a vibrant glossy green that it really looks good with any style. 

The eyeshadows (worth £15.50 each) were Lestat and Shiver and they are complete opposites, Lestat is a grey smog shade that could be built up to give the sexiest smokey eye look and the white being a heavenly shimmery highlighting white that would look amazing coupled with the black. 

The liquid metal (worth £17.50) is a gorgeous antique gold colour and is named Electrum. I was surprised to find this was heavily covered in condensation but having swatched it found that it was OK. 

Finally, my favourite of the lot is the precision ink eyeliner in  'Glister' (worth £17.00) . I know a lot of other bloggers just didn't get the shade or thought it was too 'out there' but for me and my preferences, this is an amazing natural day liner. At first, this looks natural but upon closer inspection you can see hints of iridescent mauve, it looks amazing on and doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day. I am seriously in love with this eyeliner! I have also heard that some use this as a nail art pen and I can see why as it has some seriously tough staying power. 

Swatch time! (from left to right): Lestat, Shiver, liquid metal & Glister liner. 

Metallic eyes! It looks amazing and I was so impressed by the sheer amount of pigmentation in the cream, it applied smoothly, easily and gave so much coverage with so little product. I was so happy and went upstairs to show off my shiny peepers to my husband but then this happened .....

dun, dun dun......

The dreaded creases happened within 20 minutes of applying the cream eye shadow. I was so disappointed having built up this metallic eyeshadow, especially since I literally applied the eye shadow and the went upstairs and came back down again to find it had creased so badly. You can hardly tell that there was anything on my eyelids. 

Overall I am completely in love with the Illamasqua brand and they have lived up to my exceedingly high standards with the exception of the liquid metal which I'll probably just use as a liner. For the price, I feel very happy with my thrifty make-up bargain. 


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  1. I'm so tempted by one of these!

  2. Honestly you will not regret it! I love my products especially the nail polish as it's so glossy and tough. xx


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