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L'Oreal | Glam Shine Water Splash Stain

'New Glam Shine Stain Splash it's a gloss that acts like a stain' 

This is how L'Oreal describes the new stain splash but in reality, I would describe it more as a stain that attempts to act as a gloss, while this sounds negative my experience of this product is surprisingly positive. Having heard a lot about the new stain, gloss, whatsamacall it I couldn't wait for mine to arrive to get my test on. 

The design of the stain ( I will call it a stain to make this easier to follow) is sleek and chic and the tube is a bullet type shape in a high mirror gloss, there is a small window area that lets you see what colour the stain is. The widest part of the packaging is where you will find the applicator, I know some find this unusual as the if you're someone who likes to stand your products up you will have to stand this upside down.

My colour looks like a solid bubblegum pink it is actually really sheer on the lips due to it's stain formulation, the applicator wand is fantastic at applying the product and you'll see the little line in the centre, this is where the colour collects and then seeps through to your lips making it non-messy and easy to apply. 

While I adore lip balms, glosses and lipsticks they each have the positives and negatives. Gloss tends to not have a ton of colour and it's so frustrating when your hair sticks to your lips when you're outside, lipsticks especially matte versions can make your lips look lined, furrowed and can feel awkward, as well as the fading after your eat or drink. 

The new stain feels to me as though L'Oreal have put their heads together and considered the negatives of each type of lip colour considered how to improve the negatives and then came up with the stain splash as a final result. And what a result it is! 

The stain is a 30% water-based stain and this water-based formulation really makes this feel like you are wearing colourful air on your lips. Once it has been applied it feels natural and so easy to wear, overall I felt comfortable and as a mummy, there is nothing worse than having to take time out to re-apply every 20 minutes or so. 

The formulation of this product is also unique, having tested stains before by a variety of brands I found this stain to be the most natural on my lips, It also stays put for around 6 hours as promised. While the colour shows as quite pigmented in the tube I do have to say that it's quite sheer on the lips but you can build it up by adding further layers of stain. 

This is a one layer swatch of the 102 Romy shade. My skin is quite fair and see-through so it is pinker in person than it looks here but the shade is no way near as pink as it looks in the tube. 

This is my lippage before application. My lips are unusual as they look as though I have a constant line of dark pink lip liner on when in fact it's just whiter pigmentation in the centre of my lips. I have had this since I was a teenager and I hate it because without lipstick or gloss or stain I do look washed out. 

This is my lippage with one coat of the L'Oreal stain splash. You can see that they are now an even colour and while it's natural I could have added another layer to build up the colour. Also while this is a stain you can see that it does look glossy just as it promises to be and it doesn't dry out your lips. I think that it may look more colourful on people who have an even tone to their lips as most of the colour is used to even out my super light lips. 

I love this product so much, to be honest, that I am already dreaming about owning the rest of the shades. Currently, I am coveting the 103 Marilyn which is a bright pink neon stain and is so current for SS13 also 200 Princess which is an orange-based stain and finally 300 Juliet which is a pink-red colour and is so pretty. 

The L'Oreal glossy stain splash costs around £7.99 and you can purchase this in a variety of stores such as Superdrug and Boots 


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