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Pretty Polishes all in a row. I adore nail polish and have a few firm favourites. Nails Inc, OPI, Bourjois and Essie are my currently favourites. Normally Nails Inc polishes cost anything from £0-£13 and gift sets do vary. I know I have purchased many magazines and Diet Cokes to gain those wonderful free polishes and I'm guessing you all have too. 

Nails Inc currently had a 'pick and mix' offer on where you could purchase 6 polishes for £15 but you couldn't choose your colours, I wasn't too worried about this as I adore most of the colours and any I didn't like could be gifted to other polish lovers. 

Well they arrived, I am very happy with my selection and wanted to quickly show you the colours. I have included a quick swatch of them with 1 coat and 2 coats but to be honest this doesn't show the real colours so I will try and get actual nail swatches uploaded this week. 

The colours are:

Hampstead Gardens (132) - This is a gorgeous mustard yellow colour and I do currently have this on my fingers as we speak. This is still on the site at only £5 and is second from the left in the picture. 

Henley Regatta (182)  - This looks like a vibrant fuchsia pink in the bottle but when you swatch it is looks like raspberry jelly. It would be amazing as an overcoat with 1 layer or as a full colour polish with 2 coats. This is second from the right in the picture. 

Holly Walk (032) - Not sure why this is called holly walk as it is a metallic shimmer steel grey/blue colour with a silvery undertone. This is pretty on but not my favourite out of the bunch. This is 3rd from the left in the picture. 

Callow Street (341) - Very similar to Holly Walk this has a similar steel grey/blue colour but only a slight metallic undertone in blue's, pinks and reds. At first glance this looks like a flat colour and is much nicer than Holly Walk. This is the last one to the right in the picture. 

Belsize Avenue (042) - This is gorgeous (not pictured) this looks like oil spill in a bottle and has metallic blacks, golds, greens and pinky reds. It looks like a dark black/chocolate but when you move your fingers about it looks amazing. 

Hoxton Crackle Topcoat (231) - This is still on the website priced at £11. This is a metallic royal purple colour and is apart of the 'special effects' collections. You simply apply your base colour ( I used the Henley Regatta) and then you apply a think top coat and watch it crackle as it dries. I'm not a huge crackle fan but this is really nice. This is the first on the left in the picture. 

Overall my favourites are the Hampstead gardens and the Belsize Avenue and I currently have my eyes on the new Marble Arch concrete effect polish and the Bling it on leather effect set with the skull embellishments

Where you lucky enough to get the pick and mix? what colours are you currently coveting. 


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