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I love good nail polish and I'm more than happy to use Valentine's day as an excuse to buy more lovely shades. Nails Inc have chosen the colours below with Valentine's day in mind and I think you'll agree they are certainly sexy. I love red polish it's my favourite colour by far as it gives any outfit a feminine glamorous feel without having to overdo it. 

I love nudes for day to day wear but I would love to have a reverse French polish with both St James and Notting Hill Gate

The colours are:

 St James // Nail stopping pillar box red this shade comes in full-size 10ml for £11 or mini polish for only £5. 

 South Molton Street // Natural pale pink this one also comes in full size or mini. 

 Tate // Classic deep red shade this is glamour in a bottle. Also comes in full size and mini but it seems the mini is out of stock. 

 Porchester Square // Muted natural mushroom shade this is excellent for all nail conditions, sizes and shapes. 

 Notting Hill Gate // Bright neon pink shade although this resembles more of a fuchsia tone I personally feel. 

 Victoria // As worn by Heidi Klum, this shade is a deep cherry brown shade and comes in both full size or mini.  

However, I decided to choose my favourite shades, you know just in case Mr Silver is reading this and wasn't sure what to get *hint hint*

My favourites are

Edinburgh Feather - So unique I do love new ways to do polish. This is a pale blue, yellow and peach feather effect polish £11
Stafford Terrace Polish -  Like molten melted chocolate this polish is also in the 3 for £22 offer.  £11
Gatwick Matte Polish - Pillar box red but with a matte texture £11
Walton Place Polish - This is an ultra-bright pink without the neon edge, I adore this for real bubblegum girly-ness. £11
Sweets Way Sprinkles - White, pastel blue, silver and pink this is names after sprinkles cupcakes £11
Elizabeth Street Polish - £11

Want something even more special? When I first found out that Nails Inc offered the full couture option I was like a kid in a candy store. You can only ever dream of creating your own polish. 

First, you choose your cap, it is a studded or rhinestone option in an array of colours, the next step is the hardest... choosing your colour, then you can further customise the polish by designing the label and the polish's new name lastly comes the box stickers. 

These are 2 that I quickly designed. I thought the first would be a gorgeous one for myself ( Mr Silver, are you taking note? ) and the second would be a sweet way for someone to ask for a hand in marriage, it's got the bling, the nudeness (ahem) and you could name it something sweet like Mrs___ or Will you marry me, Let's get nude or something equally sweet or corny. 

Prices range from £16 -£20, these 2 actually cost £20 but for a couture custom polish, I think that price is amazing! Head to their store here - Nails Inc to start designing your own. 

Why not try?

Fancy French Polish : Source

Reverse French Polish: Source

Plus it's worth hinting further that if you or your loved one spends over £25 you can choose from either one of these FREE gift sets 

So whatever you do for Valentine's day, make sure you enjoy yourself and spoil your loved ones. I know I have 4 men I have to spoil in my life. 

Hugs and lots of pre-Valentine's day love

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  1. I'll be trying the Fancy French Polish look - it's fab xx #sweetvalentines


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