ONE DAY OFFER | 7 Nails Inc Polishes for £18!

I love Nails Inc especially when they hold ridiculously cheap sales and special offers. Normally I don't bother posting these types of offers as I kinda figured you would all know about it but this one is too good not to tell you about. 

You may have noticed my last post about the 5 Nails Inc polishes for less than £20, I thought that was amazing and I adore all of those colours, however, this is even better because Nails Inc have a... 


Pick and mix offer on. You can now get 7 polishes for only £18. 

You can choose 7 glossy polishes, 7 metallic polishes or 7 special effects polishes. 

I chose the special effects only because I have enough glossy polishes to start a shop and I'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes. The special effects include special colours such as the neon's, metallic, glitters, magnetics and matte finishes normally these are slightly more expensive than the standard colours. 

I am all for saving a pretty penny and still buying quality and I will for sure be posting my selection as soon as they arrive. Don't all rush at once now. 

Edit: Offer closed now. 

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