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Whittards | Time For Tea & Cake

It's a British thing is it not to love tea so much you have cravings for it? I love tea so much that I can literally spend ages in the tea aisles and browsing for the latest tea's my husband is a non-tea drinker and just doesn't get it, he says it all smells and looks the same to him. I just look at him like he's crazy. 

Recently I received this Whittards Mini Green Tea gift set  from Age UK who are a  charity that offer a range of insurance's such as travel insurance. It's fair to say I may have squeed a little at the thought of drinking this. This set contains 3 tins of 25g of loose tea, this set is the green tea set but you can also get a similar set in black tea and classic tea set which also are £9. 

Whittards of Chelsea are well known throughout Britain, they were named after Walter H. Whittard who was born in 1861 in London, who begrudgingly joined the family business of trading and importing tea, adding coffee's and chocolate over time and to be honest I am thankful that he did otherwise I wouldn't have had the chance to sample these fine teas. 

If you dislike tea then Whittards also sell hot chocolate, treats such as pure butter shortbread that come in a Cath Kidston inspired floral tube and also coffee and equipment. Personally, I would adore any of their products for a gifts and I'm guessing so would any coffee or tea lover. 

This particular set contains 3 flavours of tea, the first was ...

Gunpowder Green Leaf Tea
 These are named gunpowder only because they were rolled into pearls and use to be mistaken for gunpowder in the 16th century, I can promise you that this tea taste's nothing like gunpowder (not that I have tasted gunpowder). This tea is lighter than the rest when made and is a fantastic sweet but smoky flavour and I loved this far more than I expected to. 

Moroccan Mint Green Leaf Tea
This tea is named after the tea that is brewed on Morocco's streets, this is a full bodied tea sweetened by the sweet spearmint. This was refreshing and would taste amazing as an iced tea. 

Jasmine Green Leaf Tea 
This was a light, smooth and slightly fragrant tea and really made me feel relaxed and soothed after a long day, I couldn't wait to get my second cup and this tea is my favourite out of this set. Whittards pick the jasmine flowers at dusk when they are most scented and they are layered with green tea so that the tea takes in the jasmine heady scent. 

These are some of my favourite accessories that I would absolutely adore as a Valentine's or Mother's Day gift (hint Mr Silver) Whittard's do a range of fine bone china tea sets but these are current and unique. These are from the ...

Vintage Rose (Top left and centre) Anyone who knows me knows that I adore floral prints and the ever-iconic Cath Kidston, the vintage rose and summer blossom collection gives a nod to her style. Vintage Rose is a fresh but modern collection.

Summer Blossom collection (bottom left) I adore the fine details on this collection, the mock lace and scalloped layers look cute and sweet. 

Alice in Wonderland (bottom right and centre) unique shaped mugs and teapots at affordable prices, I love the wonderland theme as it's not something you see every day. 

If you are going on holiday or are dreaming of drinking Moroccan tea in the sun-baked streets then you will need to check out Age UK for insurance, it's always best to be safe so head to their website to take a peek.


  1. I've been trying to get into gunpowder tea for ages - don't ask me why, I just feel like it's something I should drink - but every one I've tried so far has been a bit much for me. Going to give this one a try for sure! #sweetvalentines

    1. Hi Alicia,

      I urge you to try it as it's really gorgeous, I cannot handle strong overpowering tea's either but the Whittards is so yummy. They sell the gunpowder on its own also loose. I just use my loose tea ball strainer from ASDA's (cost about 50p or something low cost like that)

      Elyse xx


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