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Artdeco Cosmetics | Creating a Swinging Sixties FOTD

You may have seen my post titled 'Groovy Baby' which coupled my new favourite Sheinside dress and Sphere of Life necklaces. I did mention that I would post separately on my make-up look because I really wanted to show you these products on their own due to their sheer awesomeness. 

For my 'Groovy Baby' look I wanted to let my dress be the main focus so opted for a more demure makeup look. The sixties were all about the eyes so I was sure that I would be rocking the flicks and thick lashes, I wanted to use an opposite colour palette so it was black and white/silver and because the eye's were my main facial focus the lips had to be lighter. 

I really don't own any light nude lip colours because I look washed out enough but lucky I had just received a lip glaze that I really hated due to it washing me out and funnily enough it was perfect for this look. I will now be keeping it as I know I can use it when I need a nude tone and it tastes like tangerine which is really nice. 

 Face & Base  

Artdeco 15ml Skin Perfecting makeup base £18 // Silicone free - Expires within 12 months. Serum like formula refines, mattifies and perfects your make-up base; smoothing your complexion and evening out small lines and wrinkles. This formula feels really soothing on the skin and stops those horrible patches of dryness that some brands leave you with. 

Artdeco 30ml Anti-aging BB Cream SPF 15 in shade 02 // Expires within 12 months. Like many other BB creams the Artdeco beauty balm has many benefits. This is an anti-ageing tinted beauty balm with a 10 in 1 effect. It reduces visible signs of ageing, creating an immediate lift in the skin as the light reflecting particles visually smoother and soften. Suitable for sensitive skins and it also protects your skin from free radicals. 

Artdeco 5ml Eyeshadow Base £8 // Expires within 12 months. This eye shadow base resembles a concealer, highlighter and primer all in one little tub. It feels amazingly smooth and evens out the eye area regardless of your skin tone. The base improves the durability, colour intensity and luminescence of any powder eye shadow you apply. This is why I chose my cheapest eye shadow palette to test out this theory, let's just say my leopard palette was never used due to the colour not 'popping' enough but as you will see from the image below they do after using this base. 

Eyes & Brows  

Artdeco Eyebrow Color Pen in shade 6 £11.25 // Expires within 12 months. The eyebrow pen allows you to define and fill your eyebrow with colour using it's felt pen type tip. It dries quickly and looks totally natural, you can build colour by applying more than one layer and it's best to apply using small light strokes. This is also suitable for those who wear contacts, glasses and suffer from sensitive skin. 

Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner in shade 01 £21 // Use within 6 months. I love the nib on this liquid liner, it's soft and so easy to apply. The nib is made of varied fibres that resemble an oriental calligraphy brush, you can apply it with soft light strokes for a thinner line or press slightly harder for a thicker more defined look. The formula is also suitable for sensitive skins. 

Artdeco 10ml All In One Mascara in shade 01 £14.50 // All in one mascara leaves your lashes looking darker, thicker and volumised. The brush is fantastic as it is made of varied fibre lengths and ensured each lash it caught and coated making your peepers really stand out. 

Clever Cat Magic Eye shadow palette 06. Approx £2 // This was purchased from Ebay, it cost less than £2 delivered from Japan and consists of 6 eye shadow colours in a leopard print palette. The colours have no name but are white metallic, bronze tone, metallic gold tone, metallic silver tone, metallic gunmetal and matte black/navy. 


Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze // Shade '520' Unlimited Nectar. This goes on smoothly, blends well into the lips and tastes like yummy tangerines. 

Normally I don't use liquid eyeliner only because my eyelashes are so short and sparse. Normally I am always left with a skin coloured gap that looks so shoddy, but the Artdeco liner however as you can see leaves no gap, looks fluid and smooth and coupled with the all in one mascara I feel makes my lashes look lush, and  as though I'm wearing a set of natural sized falsies. 

So what do you think? I can see a clear difference as my skin looks even, smooth and youthful and my eyes really stand out. I really need to upload a no make-up image so you guys can see just how much of a miracle worker Artdeco cosmetics really are.


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