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Coming Soon | Nails Inc Denim Effect Polish

Denim Nails!

Yee-haa cowboy, I love denim who doesn't? I love that there's a huge surge in textured nail polishes and kits as they really do make your nail look chic and well put together. I know when I've used my Nails Inc textured polishes they look more professional for longer and don't tend to chip or peel as easy as the simple one toned polishes.

Nails Inc will be jumping on the SS13 denim trend by bringing us polish and denim lovers a polish that leaves your nails looking well, demin. They will also be bringing out a denim effect bling it on kit which will retail at £19 and include the polish and silver stars to really give your nail a denim studded feel.

I have no idea what the exact release date is on this polish and kit or what the polish will retail at on its own but I'm guessing it will cost the same as their other textured polish which retails around £12.

I know this is one bandwagon I will be jumping on but will you be? 


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