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REN Clearcalm Mask || Eggs on your face?

So this month I actively decided to tackle the ever increasing samples that I have in my beauty arsenal. If you haven't seen my sample Instagram picture then it's this one (here). I wanted to really test these out so all month my skincare and haircare regime has been mainly samples. At least all of these samples will lead to an ah-mazing March empties post for you guys but in the meantime I just couldn't not post about these 2 products.

Recently I asked my Facebook page followers if they wanted to also hear about products that didn't live up to their claims or ones that just really disappointed and I got an all round big fat YES! which is why this is now being posted, typically I just left the bad products alone to sit by themselves in naughty product corner but since you guys want to hear why these have been sent to the naughty corner I am going to post this.

I love beauty products, I do I really love them and I feel absolutely gutted when one comes along that has been hyped about on other blogs and websites to find that they are really rubbish. EOS lip balm was one of my biggest let downs but I'll cover that in another post.

So this evening my angry blemished and bumpy skin fell out, after trying yet another hyped sample last night I woke up to the biggest sorest boils on my chin and right at the top of my forehead-hairline, I mean who gets them there? I don't that's for sure. Long story short I checked what I had and came across the REN Kit for blemish prone skin which contained 4 little products aimed at skin that's very naughty. I can't see it on the website now but they do still have the combination skin and normal skin variants.

I popped on some of the REN Clearcalm mask which is clay based and smells fine, it feels nice on the skin and doesn't sting in anyway so really this should have been ah-mazing but oh no... I started sniffing about my room and then went to see if it was my sons ( as you do with any 'off' scent) but nope it wasn't them. I went into the bath to wash the mask off and my skin didn't feel so oily and it did look clean but that smell was coming from me. I was stinking of egg!!!

My mind started to wonder as I started to remember another eggy memory where I had used Colour B4 and then I started to panic. Colour B4 had been perfect the first time I tried it but I didn't leave it on for as long as required, the second time I used it I was physically sick, why you ask? because of the egg stench. The scent stayed with me literally for days and no amount of washing would get rid of it. I not find as I type this that I am still eggy smelling and I hate it!

Yes this post has a heap of exclamation marks because this is a serious matter, I will be humiliated and so self-conscious tomorrow doing the school run and why? because of one simple 'bio extract' ingredient in this product. I ask you would you prefer to have an ingredient that reduces inflammation on your skin but you were left smelling of rotten eggs or would you rather have one that just tackled spots and possibly took a bit longer but left you smelling as fresh as a daisy? I know what I would choose.

The offending ingredient is the 'sulfur' it's described as being an exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial bio extract but it does smell like an egg. You know when you are around someone who 'pumps' and it also has that horrible scent? it's because of the sulfur in the gas, so who really wants that on their face? And it's for that horrible reason that I urge you to really read your ingredients list before putting a product on your face because like me you may be left with egg (not literally) on your face with no way of removing the stench.

If you however enjoy the scent of eggs then please feel free to purchase this product which costs £30 for 50ml and can be found over on the REN website. I also wanted to add that no other product currently from the REN products that I have tried have been a disappointment and I'm hoping that they re-consider this product in the future.


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