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March 2013 | Empties

March Empties

You may have read previously seen my February empties and my Instagram image of my few days worth of postal samples, I decided to tackle the increasing amount of them by using mostly samples for the whole of March. I managed it y-a-y! So here's what I used. . .

 Washing & Deodorising

Vaseline Active Fresh 48h Deodorant | This is the new compressed version and I love it, it doesn't leave white marks, smells fab and lasts all day.

Simple Refreshing Shower Gel 250 ml | I buy this due to it being really good on sensitive skins, it stops my son's skin from getting dry and patchy and sore and it doesn't have any scent.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Skin Refiner 7 ml | Again another product that is miles above many high street brands, this has really small grainy bits that get even the smallest pores clean without stripping your skin bare.

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 4 ml | I was scared to try this I'll admit it, my skin was doing its own crazy oily thing and I just couldn't get around using oil to clear your face? however, biting the bullet I tried it and loved it but and there's a very big but here the next morning after using this my face broke out like never before! so I waited a few days to re-try and again the same thing happened. This isn't really oily like you would expect and once mixed with water it resembles more of a face wash, it leaves your skin looking fab and balmy but that's twice it left me with spots and boils in places I have never had them before.

Amie Pure & Natural Beauty Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask 10 ml | This mask contains organic peppermint, French white clay, and lime butter and is made with 94% natural ingredients, I've had this for a while and wasn't too bothered about using it, after all most clay masks are the same right? wrong... This mask was so zingy and fresh I wanted to eat it! the scent of limes and the clay made me want to keep it on and once I took it off my skin felt so amazing that this mask is my new best friend. A staple product in your skincare arsenal for sure.

 Lotions & Potions 

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream 7 ml  | This is quite thin and resembles more of a lotion than a cream, I hated the scent also which is so hard to describe and I honestly never saw any improvement in my skin.

L’Occitane Crème Divine 1 ml  | I really love this product, it leaves my skin soft and balmy and doesn't result in pimples and spots.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, Tummy Butter | This product is aimed at stretch marks and contains Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin, Lavender and Bio C-Elastane which is supposed to help repair and treat the look of those tiger stripes. I have a heap (well more than a heap to be fair) so I didn't notice any difference, I think this would have to be trialled over a longer period of time to see any benefits.

Elemental Herbology cell food protection & repair facial serum 2ml | This smells like freshly crushed herbs, I loved this product so much so that I would use it again and was quite saddened when this sample had run out. It's a moisturiser that is supposed to feed your cells and help repair them making your face baby soft. I don't know if it repaired anything but my skin did feel amazing and even in the morning it was less dry than normal.

VaV Manucure Absolue Crème Hydratane Regenerate 2 ml | This left my skin feeling soft and peachy but not for long. It has a fresh lemon scent and is a good product but in comparison to the Elemental Herbology, it doesn't even come close.

Garnier Ultralift Anti-wrinkle cream. 1.5 ml | Surprisingly I liked this cream, the effects lasted all day and my skin felt super soft and moisturised. I don't think I would purchase it however as I swear I am a human magpie and the packaging doesn't do it for me (beauty snob I admit it)

Cocoa Butter Formula For Stretch Marks | This is a massage lotion for stretch marks which smells absolutely yummy. Really chocolatey and inviting but after application, I felt a little bit like an oil slick as it didn't absorb well on my skin. It also felt quite grainy, this normally happens when the cocoa butter is melted at too high a heat and then left to cool so I don't think I will be purchasing this anytime soon. 

 Shampoo's & Conditioners 

Aveda Smooth Infusions Shampoo 50 ml | I love the scent it smells like fresh floral essential oils. It also works wonders on the hair and leaves it soft and manageable, far better than high street brands.

L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo 'fragile hair with tendency to fall’ 10 ml | My hair is fine (but apparently I have lots of it) and it does fall out excessively in clumps which can be upsetting, I never actually knew there was a shampoo that focused on these types of problems until I found this in my stash. Having not cared much for L'Oreal shampoo's before I was hugely surprised that this left my hair soft, strong and bouncy and is one product I will be buying for sure.

L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo 10 ml & Conditioner 10 ml | This contains botanical oils that treat your hair and stop them from further damage, the Everpure range is products that I have previously tried and the results didn't astonish me. Again these samples cleaned my hair, left it manageable but didn't w-o-w me so much that I would consider them when purchasing in the future.

Tresemme Split Remedy Hair Treatment | This is supposed to stop your hair from splitting by 80%, I tried this twice and on both occasions, my hair ended up hard, crispy and greasy looking underneath. There is absolutely no way I would recommend this product so can't advise if it did improve any split ends.

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner | Again I wanted to love these products I really did but I was left with limp, greasy-looking hair. The treatment also disappointed as did a previous heat spray I tried in this range. 


Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDT | Powdery rose with the sexy notes of vanilla, this scent is my ultimate feminine daytime scent and I will be buying this for sure.

DKNY Pure Fresh
| Very light with a hint of floral, it's really nice but lacking that extra 'something'

Escada Rockin Rio | This was too sweet for my nose I'm thinking it might have been due to the sheer amount of fruity notes which don't really appeal to me.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme | This tries hard to be grown up and sophisticated but on me, it comes through as being overly sweet. This isn't really my taste for perfumes so I won't be purchasing this.

Gucci Premiere | With notes of musk, woods, bergamots, and orange this was going to be a sure hit and it didn't fail. This is simply sex in a bottle and is more suited to night time and evening wear.

Roberto Cavalli
| I'm not a huge Cavalli fan as it is, the brand is a tad too excessive and I think this fragrance is no different. What struck me as being strange as this smells equally sweet as it does fruity but the two don't mix well? This is a strange one, unfortunately.

Be Delicious DKNY| I'm not a huge fruity note fan so this was a no go for me but if you like fruity scents you will love this.

Calvin Klein Euphoria | Another sex in a bottle type of fragrance that I adore and have adored since it's release in 2005.

Marc Jacobs Daisy | This smells delicately floral, I really liked the scent and how it played out throughout the day but the scent doesn't last that long.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Oh So Fresh | I prefer the original Daisy out of these two.


Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep | This is a product that you rub on to your teeth at night, similar to how you would moisturise your skin at night. This product is supposed to nourish and protect your teeth while you sleep. Your teeth are more prone to damage at night as bacteria increase so I had to jump on this bandwagon. To be honest I haven't noticed any difference but that may be due to using the Crest strips which blow any tooth whitening product out of the water (in my opinion) I will keep using this, however. 

3D crest white stripes professional effects | I have tried both the sensitive version and the professional effects versions and love them both. while watching the hit US teen-angst programme 'Awkward' the main character used these so I had to get in on this secret American tooth tape action. You apply them to your teeth and wait 30 minutes, that's it and you will I promise you will be left with noticeable results that should wow you as much as I was wowed (yay for white teeth). I also normally suffer from sensitive teeth that crack and break and I didn't have any problems after using these with sensitivity.

Phew, a huge post I know but you know me. What empties have you got for March? are there any products you loved or hated?


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