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Nails Inc Limited Edition Spring Polish

I know everyone's trying to latch on to some hope that Spring will indeed arrive, I am driving myself crazy with my Met office app refreshing each day to see if the sun will arrive here in bonny Scotland but so far, I'm still waiting.

I rarely post about press releases and emails but when this one from Nails Inc arrived in my inbox I just had to, I mean what's not to love; pretty colours, freebies, limited polishes, and spring! So here's are the little bottles of spring, sunshine, and happiness (Limited mind so you will need to be super quick).

£11 This is a gorgeous glossy pastel toned yellow. 

£11 This is a dusky slate blue tone and is one that I will be buying as I don't have any of this tone in my arsenal. 

£11 Lilacs are huge for spring and this is no different. Hyde Park Corner is a powdery glossy lilac. 

This is what excited me the most, I am absolutely loving the glossy chocolate ice-cream shade and the limited edition mint sprinkles polish! This set is made up of 3 mini polishes and costs a mere £12. 

I prefer the mini-sized because they are ideal for popping in your make-up bag, I also find the brushes on the mini bottles leave my manicure looking more professional. 

And as usual there are freebies if you spend over a certain amount. I love how Nails Inc offer freebies it shows they care about our custom I feel. The freebies are always amazing and are great for putting away for surprise presents or when you're feeling poop and want to pamper yourself. 

This offer becomes a possibility if you spend £35+ on two or more products, you can choose from either the naughty or nice option which consists of 2 polishes and the gorgeous make-up bag. I really want the nice option! 

Will you be treating your talons to some limited edition action this spring? 


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