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OOTD || Sphere Of Life - Groovy Baby

I wanted to post my outfit of the day as I am in serious love with it. I just received this She Inside retro print dress and had been eagerly anticipating its arrival for the last week or so,  (I'm in the UK and it came from the USA). This dress cost $29 and She Inside always offer free delivery which allowed me to purchase another dress in a similar style. Unfortunately the other dress has sold out, I really struggle with what to choose when shopping on She Inside but only because I want everything. I don't know what to purchase to replace the item that never arrived *sigh* it's a hard life, right?  

I teamed the dress with my new Next suede leather grey heels which I purchased online from Next, you may have seen me squeeing about them over on Instagram and as for accessories I wanted to maintain a retro style but didn't want to take this outfit too far into the 'dressing up' costume route. 

My 2 silver Sphere of Life necklaces teamed perfectly with this dress as the glam collection Let it Bee necklace lies lower down the stomach, this was a popular length for accessories back in the sixties or so I'm told and If you look closer you will also see I am also wearing my 'Daisies' Sphere of Life necklace which sits around the collar and is so pretty and of course fits in with the flower power theme. 

I was so appreciative when Sphere of Life offered to send me my choice of necklaces and I will admit here it did take me days to choose because I couldn't decide between Cuddles which is the cutest little hedgehog from the glam collection, My Missing Piece; which is a jigsaw sphere and Connecting the Dots which my son says looks like the moon due to its holes and cubic zircons. 

Sphere of Life 'Let it Bee' necklace from the glam collection. This necklace costs £39.95 and comes with a long 36' chain. The glam collection necklaces are larger than the standard collection and these cuties are a whopping 25 mm. They are made of brass and are plated in pure silver, the bee is plated in 18k gold and these comes in the most amazing packaging that I have seen to date.  

The message for this particular necklace is 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'  it's definitely a conversation starter and so chic that it won't ever go out of style. 

This cutie is called 'Daisies' and comes from the Sphere of Life silver collection. The pendant is 16 mm and is made from enamelled Sterling Silver. The silver collections comes with a shorter chain than the glam collection and you will see from my photo's that the chain is around 16'-18'.  It costs £64.95 normally but is currently on sale for only £58.50 and again this comes with the most beautiful packaging ever. 

The message of this necklace is 'Celebrate the child within you with a daisy chain'. 

I'm a huge lover of sentiments, quotes and collections such as the Willow Tree ornaments. The Sphere of Life collections remind me of the jewellery version of those ornaments. Each piece comes in a mirrored sphere which sits inside a uber chic white box and the necklace comes in a branded baggy which sits inside the sateen lined mirrored sphere. Each piece also comes with a collectors card, clearly showing the name and the message.... sweet right. 

I finally teamed my outfit with a retro, classic makeup look and have used my favourite Art Deco cosmetic products to give my eyes those flirty sixties flicks.  I will be posting about these items separately tomorrow though.  


 Disclaimer: The Sphere of Life necklaces were received with no charge to myself but were chosen by myself 

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