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OPI | Oz The Great And Powerful Collection

I recently purchased the Oz The Great And Powerful Collection set as I adore natural tones and this set is made up of 3 natural shades and 1 liquid sand lacquer.  This set is a mini lacquer set and to be really honest I prefer mini polishes as they get used up before going off date and I find the brushes easier to use and my manicure always looks so much more professional, does anyone else find this? 

This collection is inspired by the Disney film Oz The Great And Powerful film, starring James Franco as Oscar who is the main character and the magician who ends up in Oz. I haven't gone to see it yet even though it was released on March 8th this year.  There are 7 polishes in the Oz main collection and this set does not have the Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly and Which is Witch? 

So since I haven't watched the film I figured I should at least get the polish (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  I purchased this via Buyapower and this cost me £6.95 but the prices will vary from place to place with Asos selling it for £13.95 as you can see you're best to shop around. The set comprises of 4 mini polishes, 3 are more natural tones and 1 is a liquid sand textured polish, here they are swatched on to a nail round. 

I Theodora You | Delicate pink cream
Don't Burst My Bubble | Sheer white
Glints of Glinda | Sheer but build-able nude
What Wizardry Is This? | Liquid sand bronze with gold flecks

And here they are swatched on to my shabby nails, I completely apologise for the shabbiness but when the need to swatch happens, you swatch. 

My pinky finger and thumb are swatched with I Theodora You and my ring finger is swatched with the liquid sand What Wizardry Is This? My index finger is Don't Burst My Bubble and while this looks the same colour as the I Theodora You, is actually a lot lighter and has a more opaque white tone, finally, my middle finger is swatched with the Glints of Glinda and it was this colour that led me to purchase this set but when swatching I found it wasn't opaque enough and left me looking like I smoked 40 a day. 

About 3 hours after taking this photo the Don't Burst My Bubble completely peeled right off my nail? I've never had that happen before so I tried again and the next day the same things happened once again? Has anyone else had that happen? 

Surprisingly I love the What Wizardry Is This? the texture is bumpy and easy to apply and even now 1 week after first swatching this polish my nail is chip-free and still looks fab, just like a gel polish would act this polish has stayed put although I have been left with the growth gap at the cuticle. Although you can really see from the image this liquid sand polish is actually really glittery, the main colour is a bronze-toned brown but it has rainbow sparkles when you move your fingers, I really wish I could capture it on camera. 

What do you think of this set? Have you gone to see the film yet?


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