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March 2013 | Beauty Product Round-up

Favourites & Instagram 

I recently joined Instagram (yay me!) so have been trying to get to grips with how it works. If you're on Instagram my account is@SweetElyseUK so get please give it a like. This is a quick round-up of the week so far and what my favourite products are. 

Left to the right - top to bottom. 

I am currently trying to get some weight off especially in the run-up to summer (snow be damned) recently my blood glucose have been a bit all over the place and this has left me having to eat when I don't want to eat, every few hours I'm forced to eat or be left with a migraine and sickness so I saw these while online shopping and thought at £2.88 they were worth a try. 

The little pack contains 24 dissoluble rectangles that taste minty. You simply pop it on your tongue and leave it to dissolve and your hunger disappears, having now tried these for 3 days I can promise they do work and definitely make it easier not to snack!! Yay for Now Slim. 

I adore this lipstick, even my youngest son keeps telling me to put the 'lipshtick' on mummy. In the tube it looks brown but swatched on to the lips it leaves them looking finished, dewy and just luscious, I really love the nude brown tone and the finish of this lipstick. 
Dainty Doll Lipstick Storm in a teacup swatch

I have blogged about these, if you missed the post click over to read it HERE

I won't say too much about the beauty sleep other than I'm currently testing this out so I can give you guys a thorough review. Basically, it's the tooth equivalent to a goodnight's sleep and, illuminating skin serum. 

I truly love this body butter, I have tried so many in hope of coming across a product that left my skin smooth, soft and comfortable but was also long-lasting. I tested a Dirty Works sample a while back and loved that it left my skin silky smooth but the emollients lasted for well over an hour, leaving my skin comfortable without having to reapply. 

I couldn't find any places locally that sold Dirty Works so I went on the hunt, having tried Soap & Glory, Clinique, REN, The Body Shop, Burt's Bee's, own brands and more I couldn't find a product that matched the results of Dirty Work's that is until I was last-minute food shopping in Tesco's. I remember the day well, I spotted this beaut and grabbed it opening the lid with no care of who might see me test it out, that day people were a true human-body butter love story (haha I scare myself sometimes). 

I spotted this on Saturday past, I have a real love affair with lip stains especially good lip stains. While this was chosen because it looks like an awesome colour and it was only £1 I secretly was hoping that it was going to be amazing! 

I have been surprised before with Primark's beauty products and when I got home I swatched it (as you can see from the next image) and found that the colour went on really easy and was even coated, the colour was more of a red than a pink but the colour was really nice so I didn't mind, the lip stain definitely stained the lips and didn't easily rub off and the only negative about this is the absolute disgusting taste! It taste's perfume-like but this is easily overcome if you apply a lip balm or gloss over the top. I love to pop some Smith's Rosbud  & Co Minted Lip Balm

You can see it takes on more of a red tone, I do love the colour though. 

Are you guys on Instagram? pop your links and user name's below so I can take a peek. 


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