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Review | Dainty Doll Cosmetics

Dainty Doll cosmetics is a range that was designed to enhance the skin tones of super pale chicks like myself,  designed by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud who is also one woman who is milk bottle white and proud. Many cosmetic brands don't cater for us and even the typical 'porcelain' tone can look like we have been tangoed. I decided to try out a few of their products to really find out if I had found my new must-have brand, here's what I found.  

My absolute favourite product is by far the Lollipops & Roses eye shadow. Wow this baby is pigmented and you only really need a tiny bit of colour to give your eyes a bright pop of fuchsia, you can also use it to create a fuchsia pink or layer it for a real neon tone or mix it with a little bit of water (wet brush) and use as a vibrant eyeliner. I tried the wet shadow liner look and it was really vibrant and modern,  I do really need to capture more photo's don't I? 

The eye shadow contains vitamin A and E which is what gives it it's a smooth texture, I also found that the colour didn't fade during the day and didn't need re-touching at any point. I would love it so much if they brought out a red in a similar Pantone range and a yellow shadow as they would really look awesome don't you think? 

The packaging is also so cute but very hi-fashion-Esq, pure black matte textured tubes and pots with an elegant type in gold I suppose the product really does speak volumes, this is shown by the lack of crazy designs that can be found on some hyped products that end up being a big disappointment. 

The Storm in a teacup lipstick was made with 1940's sirens in mind, growing up I was used to wearing brown tones rather than pink partly due to my mum being a 40's-50's child. I adored the elegant glamour of a brown tone that is until I became old enough to rebel against anything my parents liked and unfortunately brown tones disappeared from my life for a long time. As a parent myself I  no longer feel the need to rebel so decided to eek some brown tones into my make-up collection, Storm in a teacup was one of the first tones that I actually liked. 

I would say this has purple/pink undertones rather than a yellow-brown tone, the colour looks very current and natural on the lips and you can see from the swatch that it actually only has a hint of brown. The lipstick itself is a dream to apply and wear and I definitely would buy more lipsticks within this range. 

The concealer pen, well this product had me in high hopes of an even coverage for my super light Scottish skin. I was so glad to find a brand that was being positively reviewed on the Internet and was tailored to light-skinned beauty addicts like myself. I opted for the 001 which is the very light option but the product also comes in 002 light, 003 medium and 004 green (to neutralise red tones). This pen works in a similar way to Touche Eclat and other branded pens in that it's brushed on to the skin after the product is clicked through. 

I brushed this onto my skin focusing on the under-eye area, the sides of my nose and my chin area as these are where I have more uneven colour, the product went onto the skin nicely, it blended in smoothly and then it all went downhill. Within five minutes the product looked slightly cakey where it hadn't previously it now resembled pigmented eye shadow that had pooled into the crease of an eye but only on my face. I tried to re-blend it but it just came off like dead skin. I know for a fact it wasn't dead skin and was in fact product. By the half-hour mark, the whole of the concealment was no longer well, concealing. 

I tried the pen again the next day and had similar results again so I am slightly gutted as I really did high hopes for this concealer.  I think I will just need to stick to my YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation as a concealer and foundation until another suitable product comes along. 

Have you tried Dainty Doll Cosmetics? what did you think about them? 


Statement: Purchased Myself

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