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The Breast Side Story | True Story

I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, but I was recently considering beauty from all aspects and really wanted to post about breasts because they were an issue for me for so many years. I know I don't really post 'true life' blog posts about myself and wanted to change this, so you can really get to know me and my reasons for blogging. This is also an issue I feel we should consider so here goes...

The bigger the better. 

The smaller they are then the less female you are? 

What size cup? 

What size nipples? 

Do you have hairs on your nipples?

These are all questions that run through the minds of the female population on a daily basis around the world. Growing up I couldn’t wait to grow some boobs and to wear an adult bra, for me wearing a bra was the epitome of femininity and adulthood and was surely my ticket to being taken seriously.

At eight years old I felt out of place beside girls of my own age, I was taller, dumpier, irregular shaped and just different but I couldn’t understand why. I would come home and spend time on my own trying to wrack my brains to figure out just what it was that made me feel and look so much more different to everyone else but I could never figure it out.

I was popular at school and fitted in, I was a happy and intelligent girl but there was just something I couldn’t quite put my finger on that was until boys started calling me fat.  All of my friends were all dainty and petite and because I was chunkier. I really felt like an ugly duckling.  

At nine years old I remember getting a letter to hand to my parents asking for permission to get lessons on the female body mainly on the menstrual cycle, I really had no idea what it was but my friends were all excited about these lessons so I was too.  In the run-up to these lessons, my friends visited the toilets a lot just to check they hadn’t started their periods and I remember a monitor telling them Don’t be so silly girls you are far too young.  It was about three weeks later I started my periods. I had turned nine only a matter of weeks before, I went from feeling like the oddball to these feelings confirming my oddball status (in my mind).

Shortly after my mum said she should measure me because I definitely had a chest, I then found out I had gone from no chest size to having a chest the same size as my mum – a 34B. I suppose it was at that point that I blamed my chest size and my feminine curves for making me strange and I really hated them with a vengeance. I wore baggy clothing, I became shy and retiring and I hated getting any sort of attention from boys who mainly paid attention to my boobs, I hated having boobs!

Oppositely my friends not knowing that I had started my periods still wished they had boobs and couldn’t wait to start their periods. They would get excited at the prospect of bra shopping one day and boasted about owning the prettiest lace crop tops and mock training bra’s whereas I had the ugliest thick strapped bra’s around. Starting my periods at such a young age meant that I had womanly hips and bum whereas my friends and even older family members were still pin-thin. My curves lead to me feeling fat and uncomfortable in my own skin and each month that my period arrived felt like another reminder that I was a freak. 

My periods were terrible and I suppose always were terrible over the years, I think I suffered from all of the issues that came with the female cycles including pimples, oily skin, PMS, cramping, heavy flow and they always stayed for at least 10 days to 2 weeks. In the summer when everyone else was paddling in their swimming pools I sat by the sidelines hating everything about being a woman including my breasts, I blamed my breasts I suppose for all of these issues as they were the first sign of me being different.

As I got older nothing really changed with my body issues and I tried everything to stay thin so that my boobs would stay smaller, I strived for a flawless silhouette and paid so much attention to how I looked that looking back I think what a waste of time spent doing nothing. I will be thirty next year and it’s only now at this point in my life that everything seems clear and I am now comfortable in my own skin.

So growing up I could never understand why there was so much attention paid to boob size and why stuffing your bra or popping in a couple of chicken ‘breasts’ into your bra was the thing to do? I suppose now that some focus on boob size in order to seem attainable and beautiful similarly like I did with being thin and wanting to have smaller boobs. It makes me sad though that I see more women targeting others on the size of their breasts and if it’s not the size it’s the fullness of the sagginess that’s focused on.  I believe that we should be focusing our negative views on the more positives of being female such as the curve in a woman’s back, the tiger stripes that show that we birthed new life or the curves and hips of a woman.

For some, even after having a boob job they are still tormented by further breast scrutiny. Sagging breasts, breasts that sit too low, breasts that turn outwards, nipples that are large, nipples that stick out too much and nipples that have a hair or two. Companies have jumped on this by making creams that are aimed to tighten, creams that lift, creams that smooth and creams that increase your size.  What about focusing more on breast health rather than prettifying breasts? 

Personally, breasts, in my opinion, are the female equivalent to the male scrotum, men aren’t too fussed about their bits, are they? So why are females so different? Is it females that are making this breast issue bigger than it needs to be (excuse the pun) or is it the media or the male population?

Personally I have beaten myself up over the years and I realise now that my breasts played a huge part in my own body dysmorphia, I hated them being big and smaller breasts made me feel slimmer, as I’ve aged I have also gone through the whole are they full, are they toned, are they smooth and are my nipples the right size and now as I’m hitting the back end of my 20’s and nearing my 30’s I am putting up the white flag in the war against breasts to say let’s just love our uniqueness! My breasts are in no way 'perfect' but they are what partly what makes me who I am, although they aren't perfect they were perfect enough to feed my sons so that they thrived, they don't give me any grief and my husband is more than happy with them so why would I want to change them? If you are reading this and thinking about changing your breasts, ask yourself 'why' you really want to change them. 

We’re all women, we should be standing together to make breasts a beautiful thing. Regardless of size, shape and which way they turn, every mark, every dimple and every inch should be deemed beautiful because that’s what makes us unique. Let’s ‘try’ to stop judging other ladies on their chests and let’s 'try' to stop feeling jealous of others.  The next time you feel jealous you should focus on what makes you unique. If you’re not happy with your shape then change it, tone it, slim it, bulk it or dress it up. 

Just don't compare what you have to other's as you are unique! 

Here are some facts about breasts…

1. In the UK around 136 women will find out they have breast cancer every day. That’s a huge 49500.00 women a year.

2. There is around a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Look around at your office space, group of friends or family members there is a chance at least one of you will be diagnosed with this form of cancer so always check your breasts for changes.

3. The signs to watch out for include; a lump especially one that isn’t moveable, an area of thickening, skin texture, changes in size or shape, swelling around the breast or armpit, dimpling of the skin, nipples that invert inwards when they are usually outwards, discharge from the nipples or a rash. Of course, if you have anything unusual that’s not mentioned it’s worth getting it checked out.

4. Did you know that women who have noticeably different sized breasts, the left is usually the largest in around 62% of cases?

5. The world’s largest breasts are a 38KKK – Wowzers! 

6. In America, breast augmentation (boob jobs) are the top-selling cosmetic operation. 

7. Men can actually breastfeed too. Men like us have mammary glands so if they are on hormone treatments they can also breastfeed – Strange but true. 

What's your breast story? Have your lady lumps caused you grief over the years or have you always embraced your breasts?


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