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Disney Style | Fashionable Footwear or Hot Mess?

I love shoes and I like to think my choice of footwear loves me but with shoe designs becoming more outlandish I fear that I may at some point (eek) cross the boundaries of fashion and end up looking like an unemployed comedy clown. 

Just like art, I know shoes and shoe design is very much a subjective topic, as is fashion I suppose. I believe even with fashion that there is a very fine line between what is fashionable and what is costume. Some get it oh so right time and time again whereas others well, we have all seen those disaster award outfits celebrities can't even rock... right? So here's is a few designs ranging from crazy to cray-zee, let me know what you think is wearable (and not just pretty) and what is downright wrong! 
Kobi Levi for Disney

Kobi Levi is famed for his crazy shoe designs and he has designed shoes shaped as everything from dogs, sling shots and flamingos. His recent collaboration, however, with Disney Villains shows a much more wearable shoe but it is still very different to what you would find elsewhere. This collection reminds me somewhat of Irregular Choice and although these are pretty out there I do still really want to test them out. I think I'd opt for the Snow White evil queen if given the option, there are two other designs in the collection; Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. 

Julian Hakes 'Mojito'

Julian Hakes designs these unique but desirable 'squiggle' type shoes which are named 'Mojito'. They are constructed from one wrapped piece and do support the main areas of the foot supposedly allowing you to walk with ease. I have to say that as crazy as these look I wonder what they would actually look like once you got a foot in there? also I wonder how comfortable these actually are? I personally love the black tones and this super baby pink at the bottom and the longer I look at them the more normal they are starting to seem....... hmmm slightly worrying. 
Balenciaga Latex Boots

These are from years ago I do realise that but could these have been the start of the crazy shoe trend? These were from around 2000 and although these are more wearable than many of the others I've posted about, would you be laughed at walking down the street in these? What are your thoughts on these booties? 

DSquared2 Spine Heel Boots

These babies are from 2010 and are so awesomely gruesome, I like that they are unique but again still wearable. Teamed with a pair of skinnies and an awesome top these would be totally rockable even 3 years later. I think due to the crazy design aspects being kept mainly to the heel has allowed these to be seen as wearable art rather than just art and I remember everyone wanted or had these after their release. 
Do you have these? what are they like to walk in?  

Alexander McQueen 2013

Beyonce wore these for her Vogue shoot in March and although these aren't too 'out there' the heels is really unique. I can bypass the unique shape of these only because they are filled with red crystals! I love the concept but I doubt these are ones I will be rushing out to purchase.

I know there are oh so many more crazy shoe designs available and I know designers will keep on creating barely wearable shoe designs but, are these types of shoes covetable or just something that will turn any fashionista into a hot mess? 

I would love to hear your opinions on this, also if you have found some wacky designs pop your links in the comments guys. 

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