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Jamela 24k Gold & Collagen Facial Masks

24k Gold Finger Face 

I don't normally get too personal when I'm writing my posts because I don't feel my personal life is all that interesting, especially when you're popping over for a read about beauty or fashion. I've been debating posting about certain things as I know it may only be touching base with a small number of readers who can relate but, I have said time and time again that I wished I had someone give me these details years ago. 

I will post the details on what I am on about separately because I wanted to publish this post to show you this fancy new product, and what a product it is guys! These face masks are really as high end as you can get for a home facial mask and are made using nano 24 karat gold particles. 

Here they are... 

These masks are by Jamela Skincare and are just one product in a range of infused gold beauty products. The main aim of these masks is to give your skin a younger look, improve sagging and elastin and reduce fine lines while speeding up the cellular regeneration of the skin. Gold is one of those products that is an excellent healer (along with silver) especially for reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.  Did you know many Chinese restaurants pop a gold coin in with their rice to replace lost minerals? 

These facial masks come in a pack of 5 and cost £37.50 from the Jamela website which makes them a cost-worthy £7.50 each. Have you watched the YouTube video above of me unboxing these? if you have then you will notice I found the initial face shape hilarious and they reminded me of the underside of a stingray fish, I love how they look like they have little grumpy faces.

In the video you see me popping this on, it does feel so soothing straight away and when I applied this I had just got out of the bath, I had been feeling poop and fatigued all day and my skin was feeling puffy, dry, sore and just plain yuck! I was really at the point of falling out with my face when these arrived. 

So initially they feel soothing and the shape fits like a glove. I know many other full faced products I have tried have put me off due to being messy, too large or just not factoring in that people have to breathe.  After the video stopped I did leave this on for around 30 minutes as suggested (30 minutes - 5 hours is suggested) and after taking this off my skin no longer felt sore, it didn't look or feel as puffy and is definitely felt moisturised and smoother. While I did notice a change it was the next morning that I really noticed that my face looked brighter and wasn't it's usual puffy and red as it normally is in the morning. 

While it could be a coincidence I could only put it down to the mask having just used it the night before, I will continue to use up the other 4 masks and update this review for you guys. 

Do you think you will join in the gold (beauty) rush?  Would you scare someone with this mask on or am I just downright bad (it was hilarious wasn't it?) 

You can get your own over on the Jamela Skincare website. 

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