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Pierry Hardy for Nars Limited Edition Collection

Nars and Pierre Hardy have collaborated on this collection and I have to say I am personally loving it. I love the vibrancy of colour, while it is vibrant it's still bordering daytime vibrant and I love that!

This collection is limited and only available online, the collection is inspired by the Pierre Hardy summer shoe collection which can be found Pierre Hardy website. 

Limited Edition Blush 

Left to right: Rotonde & Boy's Don't Cry. 

There are only 2 blushers in the limited edition collaboration between the two brands, each blusher costs £30 and they are called Rotonde and Boy's Don't Cry. 

Rotonde is a peach based blush with the iconic shimmery Pierre Hardy print, on the other hand, Boy's Don't Cry is a pink blush again with the same shimmery iconic print. While they both are suitable for most skin tones the 'Boy's Don't Cry' will be sure to leave you with a healthy high glamour look. 

There are 6 provocative pairs in this limited edition series and I have popped them below in the order of my personal favourites. Each set of pairs costs only £22 which is so affordable and when you factor in the rarity with them being limited makes them oh so covetable! 

Ethno Run - Orange & Navy | Sharks  - Yellow & Lavender

Sharples - Peach & Burgundy  | Venomous - Gunmetal & Black

Vertebra - Coral & Dusty Rose  | Easy Walking -Rose Gold & Camel 

What do you think of this collaboration guys? will you be adding any of these goodies to your collection? 

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