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E45 Bringing Softness Back

I am a member of BzzAgent and have had quite a few products from them recently to test out If you haven't heard of BzzAgent before it's a company that sends out products so we the consumers can create a genuine Bzz. I mean who really trusts huge financed adverts? I know I trust the opinions and reviews of my friends, family and fellow bloggers far more than TV Adverts, it's this mentality that drives BzzAgent. 

So you have probably guessed this was sent out for free, I didn't request it and each of the products BzzAgent sends out is matched to you depending on what you put for your survey answers, ideally, they want to match products to the right people and this is why I received this I guess. This Bzz kit contained a 250 ml Nourish & Restore lotion and an original 200 ml body lotion, I also received some samples to hand out to friends and family to try out too. 

I have previously used E45 and while it moisturised it didn't wow me and you guys know how I feel about being wowed. E45 wasn't a brand I would have automatically chosen of the shelf, purely because it didn't give long-lasting results and it was a bit unexciting.  

Here's what I thought about these products. 

This moisturiser is lightly fragranced and contains a natural lipid that is supposed to work to replenish hydration and maintain softness throughout the day. Nourish & Restore is 'clinically proven' to provide moisturisation for 24 hours but, I personally didn't find it left me moisturised for even half of that time. 

My skin was left feeling soft and silky and unlike other body lotions, I wasn't left with that icky sticky feeling. Although I was left feeling soft, my skin did feel uncomfortably dry again within 2 hours and I had to rely on my old cream, I think my skin may be too dry for this product. 

The bottle size is really generous and this product only costs £2.66 in Boots, this will last at least a month with daily use, I would recommend this to people with normal skin or those edging on dry. This is ideal also for the chest area and hands and hopefully, it will keep those crease lines at bay for longer. 

E45 200 ml Original Body Lotion 

The original! who hasn't tried the original E45? I prefer the texture of this one as it's more creamy and feels cooling upon application. I also feel that this has more benefits than the Nourish and Restore and my skin was left moisturised for longer. However, like the other product, the benefits weren't long-lasting and within 3 hours I had to reapply. 

Although it's didn't last long on my skin, my sons have been left super soft by this product and they even ask for it so they can put it on after bath time. Again this product will last for a while and I have been using this daily on 3 little boys and myself and still have plenty left and at £2.55 for 200 ml this really is a bargain. 

You can purchase both products from the usual places, Boots, Superdrugs and your local supermarkets. If you want to test out products like I am you can join BzzAgent for free also, just click on over to their website to join. 


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