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Have you purchased from Sindulge before? If you have then you will know how awesome they are. If you haven't you're missing out and here's why. 

Sindulge caters for all types of lifestyles and beauty styles, whether you're a stay at home mum looking for a bit of nude prepping, a glamour girl or a beauty connoisseur you can find products to suit your preferences. Unlike other beauty sites, Sindulge really does try to cater to you and you alone rather than your purse. They aim to teach, inspire and improve confidence on all visitors by really focusing what you see on the site to actual items that will be of benefit. 

I found it easy to sign up and just clicked through via my Facebook account. I was then asked a few questions so they could establish what my needs were such as hair colour, eye colours, skin type and my main worries ( I chose large pores because they are stressing the bejeezus out of me at the moment). These questions make up your beauty profile and they can be altered if anything changes in the future. You can click to add your favourite brands to your profile or unclick them if you find brands you dislike being featured. 

You aren't pressured into purchasing any items and if you do, you are then rewarded with points. I personally haven't come across any other site that offers this amount of personalisation when shopping, without having to really fork out a heap of money. If you're looking for inspiration or even just tips on how to improve your application, improving your smokey eye or even how to minimise your pores then Sindulge offers that advice free of charge. 

And of course, the cherry on the top for me is that they are passionate about animal rights, this, of course, means that all products sold via the Sindulge site are safe and free of any form of animal testing! YAY!!

Here are my 'pretties' (said in Lord Of The Rings Voice).......
Senna Stardust & Body Bling Set 

This is a 3 piece kit, what I love is that the eyeshadow and sparkle powder twist together to make a really chic compact packaging. The eyeshadow is a nude shimmer (on the right finger below), the loose mineral powder is nearly the same as the eyeshadow, but with extra 'shimmer' (middle fingers) and the finger on the left shows the loose powder blended in. I have to say the picture doesn't actually show the shimmer which is really gorgeous. I can see this being used on the inner corners of my eye, on the brow bone, collar bones and on the apples of my cheeks for a natural shimmery nude look. 

The aim of the Senna kit is to create an angelic-enchanted look. Warming the skin while highlighting the skin to leave your skin looking youthful.  The kit also contains the 'Bling Bling' lip lacquer, while this does look yuck in the tube it is actually really pretty on the lips. 

The lacquer contains 24 karat gold, vitamin e and jojoba oil to keep them super smooth and hydrated for hours and it really tastes yummy too! 

Swatched above and Instagrammed. It is so sheer and nude on the lips so I can see this being used alone or over a lip stain or lipstick. It isn't quite 'nude' enough to mend my two-toned lip issue though but I will for sure keep on wearing it. 

My next product was.....
Pixi Polish in '047 Classy Cocoa' tone. 
This looks like deep metallic chocolate in the bottle as you can see from the top pic but once it's swatched and on the nails, it completely transforms. This is described as being a 'cocoa with purple undertones' but it also goes through a few different shades such as the chocolate-red and also purple and amber tones. You can see this has so much depth and the shimmer! and wow, those 'sparkles'. You can see the sparkles in the image above.  
Pixi 'Fairy Light' Solo Eyeshadow.

This is so silky and pigmented I am super impressed. Although it is a nude shade, it has equal amounts of mink tones and shimmer to make this perfect. Pixi solo eyeshadows cost around £10.50 and this particular shade is 'Nude Noveaux'. This covers really easily and stays put all day with no creasing or fading, I think this maybe one of my favourite nude tones along with my Clinique nude. 

* PR Sample - All views my own *

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