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TIGI Your Highness Volume Collection

TIGI is in no way shape or form, a new brand, and this collection was actually released around 2010. However, I have so much love for these products I simply had to post about them. 

You will notice one of these products in my April empties post coming which is coming up. It was only while I was photographing my empties I thought 'why don't I ever post about older products that are simply amazing? ' It was a 'doh!' moment for me, so I have now changed this so you will be seeing more awesome products coming up that have already been released and are readily available. 

If you don't know who TIGI is, well frankly I am a tad surprised because it seems to be everywhere. The TIGI brand was created in 1986 by the Maslow brothers, they wanted expert liquid products that allowed them to give their clients the best chic hairstyles in the industry.  Their persona is equal to a hipster, urban chic goddess that everyone looks up to, emulates and wants to be. 

Their packaging is usually bright, clashing and innovative and if you have a magpie complex you will HAVE to get some TIGI in your hair care collection. In the past, I have tried some of their other products such as the Headrush Shine Spray, Manipulator, Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Rockaholic Shampoo & Conditioner but I wasn't hugely wowed, so didn't re-purchase them. It was only in February that my love came back for this brand hard and fast after going to the hairdressers. 

My hair is now medium length and is fine, lifeless and dull. I really despise my hair as it doesn't hold many styles and having 2 cows licks it makes fringes difficult. I wish I had thick shiny hair but I just don't and don't ever see myself having hair like that and I've accepted that. After going to the hairdressers she used a volume spray that resembled a hairspray but turned into mousse on the hair, what is this magic you might think! My hair had volume, was thicker and just looked and felt amazing in my opinion so I quickly Facebooked her asking what the spray was which is what lead me to the TIGI Your Highness Volume collection. 

The collection is made up of 6 products. The elevating shampoo, nourishing conditioner, thickening gel creme, firm hold hairspray, weightless shine spray and root boost spray. The price varies from shop to shop and you can usually find a ton of offers on the gift sets in various salons. I know my local salons usually have the large size gift sets for around £20-£25. 

The products I have personally tried are the shampoo, conditioner and root boost spray and it was the root boost spray that was what sold this collection. It also smells divine and if TIGI released a perfume based on this product. I would buy it sharpish, it contains Lavender, Wisteria, Jasmine and Violet and smells floral feminine and sultry.

Shampoo - This is a Sulphate free product which leaves the hair soft, supple, voluminousness and shiny. My hair looked better after around 2 washes and when this ran out I noticed a huge decrease in how my hair looked when using another brand. Needless to say, it has been re-purchased toot suite. 

♥ Conditioner - The perfect partner to the shampoo this left my hair soft and moisturised. It didn't leave it looking lank, greasy or dull like some other heavy moisturising conditioners do. 

♥ Root Boost Spray - This is FANTASTIC! I might be truly in love with this. Simply spray close to your roots and watch it foam up, it leaves each layer bouncy and I find that curls and hairstyles stay in for longer than they would with no product. 

You can get this collection over on Feel Unique, Amazon, Ebay


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