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I have a variety of long term health problems which are a pain in the butt, I struggle with energy most days and others I'm simply a like a blob of jelly. I have tried so many energy-boosting items in the past and to be honest, they either don't work or they taste rubbish. I was asked to test out Healthspan's Multivitality Boost to see if it would boost my energy, I couldn't wait to test these out because I have been looking for the ideal energy-boosting product for years. I simply wanted to feel healthier and more energetic.  

The Healthspan multivitamin boost box contains 30 sachets of blackcurrant and orange powder which you simply mix with a little water, and drink as you would juice. It's advisable to take 1 per day I opted to try blackcurrant first. Here is the blackcurrant all mixed up and ready to go... 

It did start of blackcurrant coloured but turned orange for some reason? I was scared of how it was going to taste, having tried other similar products which tasted so bad. This, however, didn't taste false, chemically, gassy or salty (yip I have tried so many BAD products before). This actually reminded me of weak Robinson's blackcurrant cordial which I really like. 

The orange also tastes lovely. Just like the blackcurrant the orange tastes like weak cordial and I personally preferred the orange flavour but both are palatable. It did take around 3 days for me to notice a difference, at first I noticed I felt more fresh and awake especially in the afternoon when I would normally get that heavy eye sensation and want to curl into a little cocoon to sleep. It's hard to describe how I felt but I do know I felt more 'with it' rather than being on my normal fatigue roller-coaster.   

By the end of the box, I was sold. My sons had all got that sore throat, sickness and fever bug that was going about, normally I would fall ill even before all 3 of my sons had. This time around I kicked that bugs butt before it even affected me! This hasn't happened for years and it felt good, I'm guessing it's down to the vitamins in this product as it seems too much of coincidence for it not to have been. 

These contain the whole of the B vitamin family as well as Vitamin C, Biotin, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Zinc,  which is pretty awesome.  I remember buying a well-known brand from Boots not too long ago and the multi-vitamins smelled like beef, they were so huge I simply couldn't swallow them, yuck!  

So if you're looking for that extra oomph during the day, wanting to boost your immune health or overall energy then I'd fully recommend these guys. Have you tried these before? which flavour did you prefer? 

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