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April 2013 | Empties

Another month has gone and another load of empties. I have to say my husband thinks I'm a weirdo for keeping my empties but I just put it down to the crazy male-female divide. So April's gone wow how quick did those 4 weeks ago, I feel like I've been routed to my laptop continually but I love what I do and they say good things go fast or something along those lines.

April's empties are mostly positive which 'may' be a first for me to be fair. I'm normally one of those fussy ones always searching for the next best thing or the next low-cost product that will hugely overshadow my expensive products. I really want one of those light bulb moments, the type that you get when you think you have found something that no-one else has.. alas I've still to find it though. 

Back on track, here are my last 4 weeks empties guys. 

300 ml Tigi Catwalk 'Your Highness' Volume Collection Shampoo  (Review HERE) // I adore the scent of this shampoo and if there was a perfume available it is something I would wear. This is a sulfate-free shampoo containing lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet infusions. Thickens shines and leaves my hair soft and supple. 

Garnier Moisture Match - Dull Skin // This was more gel-like and not what I expected. I didn't see any improvement with my dull skin though. 

Caudalie Premier Cru - The Eye Cream // *sings* Loved this! This was the first time I had tried Caudalie after hearing many good reviews and I can vouch that those reviews are probably true. This was nourishing and soothing but I don't plan to re-purchase just now only because I have fallen head over heels in love with Etat Pur. 

Caudalie Premier Cru - The Cream // Again I used this in combinations with Caudalie's 'the eye cream' and I was seriously impressed but not enough to re-purchase. This doesn't beat my Etat Pur.  

Burts Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash // This contains Royal Jelly and jojoba beads that slough away the dead skin. This has a fresh scent and is quite thin and liquid-like for a wash product. I found that this worked well on the face and neck but didn't really scratch the surface of my body which was a disappointment so I won't be re-buying. 

Peachface Honey Bee Moisturiser // This is an organic moisturiser with the perfect creamy consistency. It smells natural and slightly sweet herbal due to the rose, honey, and geranium. This nourishes the skin well and settled my sudden oily phase. Although I love this product I won't be re-buying just now but may do so in the future. 

150 ml Morrison's Own Brand Vitamin E Toner // This is own brand, no-frills no fancy marketing or packaging but it leaves many of the big brands when it comes to doing what it's supposed to. It's gentle enough to be used on delicate and sensitive skins and around the eye area and it's tough enough to remove waterproof mascara and heavy makeup. Unlike many other brands this doesn't hurt or sting your eyes and I always notice an improvement in my skin and especially my pores after using this. (alcohol-free)

Steamcream Gris Gris Limited Edition Moisturiser // This is my second Gris Gris moisturiser and I love it. Steamcream is one of a few brands that do moisturiser well and I will be re-purchasing after my spending ban is up. The cream itself is a plain Jane of a cream but it works wonders. 

Oxygen Skincare Blemish/Acne Gel // I love this product as it really does settle pimples and boils and ease inflamed skin. It contains Manuka honey, aloe vera, and Canadian Willowherb so it's really made to calm and heal the skin, this does, however, seem to 'turn' quite quickly which I don't see as a huge problem as it shows how natural it really is. I will be re-purchasing this depending on availability as it has limited suppliers here in the UK. 

Soins Experts Hydra Expert Moisturiser // Oh gosh this stuff is amazing. I received this in a beauty box and it sat for a while doing nothing. When my Steamcream ran out this was my go-to product and I'm so glad I did go to it. It's a thick and luxurious cream that is absorbed really well on all areas of the body and it actually leaves my skin softer for longer than other brands with the exception of Dirty Works believe it or not. I used this tub up so quick I even shocked myself.  It's packaged in a super thick glass jar also which shows just how fancy sh-mancy it is. 

Burts Bees Radiance Day Cream // This is a 'meh' moisturising product. I hated the scent which was too waxy smelling and it felt a little bit too clumpy on the skin, there were some hard wax pellet parts still in it. I didn't notice any improvements, and my skin was left looking shiny. I won't be re-purchasing this. 

Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser // This is a little sample sized product but I was really impressed. It contains neroli which I love and I did pop it onto my neck and decolletage n many occasions  It's thinner than cream and thicker than a lotion and absorbed into the skin easily. This didn't provide enough nourishment for me to re-purchase it though. 

Guerlain La Petite Robe // I really like this perfume. It has the right amount of deeper notes from the patchouli and tonka that it doesn't end up too sweet and girly. The deeper notes also make sure it lasts for hours. I would probably buy this... probably. 

Elie Saab Le Parfum // Honey, cedar, rose, jasmine and orange flower notes make this fragrance really wearable. I adore this as it's not too sweet and smells like a girly grown-up scent. The cedar is the note that makes this scent adorable.  

L.I.L.L.Y by Stella McCartney // This smelled floral and fresh, it was a huge let down as the scent was neither sultry or pretty which are 2 things I look for in a fragrance. 

Lancome La Vie Est Belle // Blackcurrant, tonka bean, jasmine, and praline. La Vie Est Belle is similar to La Petite Robe but I think the praline and vanilla as base notes send this over the edge into toothache sweetness. It's very heavy duty and does last but not in the right ways.


Statement: PR Sample & Purchased Myself

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