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Most Reached For | April 2013

It's May! 

I can't believe that's another month swept by quickly. I wanted to post my most reached for products as I always post my empties and I know you may be getting bored of seeing just empties. April seemed to be the month of natural looks and trying to get my skin back to a somewhat healthy appearance after my hormones went cray-zee. 

I can happily say that it's back to normal, well even better to some degree due to the Etat Pur. I really need to get my finger out and publish that post don't I. So here's what I reached for last month. 

Vaseline Rosy Lips Balm - This really needs no introduction, does it? 

 Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Toner - This is the equivalent of me pulling out the big guns. This is strong but does the trick mopping up the excess oil. I do need to moisturise after using this though or face the tight skin look. 

 Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume - This is one I received in a Christmas gift set, the normal bottles are so much fancier and cost around £20 for 30 MLS. I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift. There's no real reason for it and it wasn't because of her that I purchased this fragrance. The perfume's note will explain why I reach for it as it contains the perfect perfume notes, maybe ever. 

Top notes: Apple, Raspberry & Freesia Middle notes: Vanilla, Honeysuckle & Hibiscus Bottom notes: [yummy] Amber, Peach & Sandalwood.

 Etat Pur Citric Acid AHA - This product is for dull complexions and loss of radiance, it exfoliates, cleanses and regenerates healthy skin. Think of this as an at-home (non-painful) skin peel. It costs £11.60 and has been money well spent. I will be buying this for sure. 

 Sally Hansen Age Correct Growth Treatment   - This goes on like a nude polish and costs only a couple of pounds from my local B&M's. Although I seemed to have corrected my skincare issues, my nails, on the other hand, are in terrible condition. So far this seems to be stopping them flaking and breaking so I will keep you posted. 

 Aveda Smoothing Fluid - This is a sample size that has been sitting going unused for a while. With this rain-sun-rain weather, my hair doesn't know if it's coming or going. This is a great smelling fluid that I use to smooth down those fly-aways. This costs £21.50 for 100 MLS and will be on my to-buy list as soon as it's finished. 

 Senna Stardust Powder - This is the highlighting powder duo from the Stardust set and although it's not specifically an eyeshadow, that is what I've been using it as. It leaves a gorgeous nude shimmer and can be used on the eye's brow bone and even the apples of my cheeks. I love it. 

 FCUK Polished Bodyspray - Again this was another gift set product that was sitting gathering dust. I adore the scent of this and this lasts longer than most perfumes believe it or not. 

 Along Came Betty Butterly Devine Butter - This is so much better than Soap & Glory I swear. This smells like a tropical paradise and it leaves my skin feeling silky and soft rather than greasy. I doubt I could live without this product. It's available at Tesco's for around £5 for a large tub. 

So what did you guys reach for? 


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  1. It's always nice to see products you like. My skin went hormonally crazy too! It's toned down now, but flares up once a month.. bleh haha.

    1. I'd definitely recommend the Etat Pur Citric Acid Aislinn, I actually went out bare skinned today and felt amazing. I'll be sure to do these posts every month :)

      Elyse XX


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