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Being Selfish & Forever Unique


When it comes to dressing each season nothing beats pieces that have great lines. Personally, I believe your wardrobe staples should consist of great lines in monochrome and denim as a basis, then built upon with more seasonal pieces such as dresses in the current shape and print, shoes in a specific style and so on. 

I know many wouldn't agree with that belief, you may think that it's best to just purchase what is in fashion. I cannot stress enough however, that fashion will not always leave you looking fashionable. Why waste your hard earned cash on clothing that doesn't play on your best assets or goes out of style a few months later? 

By purchasing a capsule wardrobe that lasts for many seasons and can be mixed and matched with your other clothing, you're not only saving yourself money but guaranteeing that you will be on trend season after season. So how do you chic up a monochrome capsule wardrobe? Simply add accessories and footwear. Makeup and hairstyles also play a huge part in your overall look and style so don't forget those. 

Take for example these Forever Unique Brent trousers and the cute Bound t-shirt. I think together they pack a hefty style punch while showing everyone that you mean serious business; especially when styled up right. 

To bring this outfit up to date adding some colourful accessories, such as this on-trend blue clutch and this gorgeous neon bright bracelet. Teaming your neon's with more cool tones such as the chunky silver cuff will stop your outfit from looking childish. If you're not much of an arm party fan, why not swap out the monochrome heels for some bolder booties. 

Why not clash your accessory colours? I love red and pink or similarly red and orange, a few years ago this was seen as a pretty big no-no but now they just look so right. I dare you to try wearing red heels with a fuchsia scarf and a bold red lip or an orange lip with a red based arm party. Monochrome outfits allow you to try out these awesome colours whereas a colourful patterned outfit base will leave you looking like a) a raver b) a clown c) a worker in a paint factory that has just exploded. I just don't think anyone would choose to look like any of those options - do you?

Monochrome is for sure the way forward guys. If you're having a chunky butt day opt for the black bottoms and the white on top. Clothing that has has hourglass panels or side panels are very slimming especially when the panels are in black as they will leave you with the illusion of having curves in all of the right places. 

So many people are scared of wearing certain colours, white is one of those colours. If you're scared off white skirts such as the Silmo skirt  above then why not team your white skirts with a black top and tights. The black tights will give you the slimming illusion while protecting your modesty Or vice-versa if you're are scared of wearing white up top, why not layer with a sheer black shirt or kimono. With fashion there is always a solution, stop letting your fashion wear you and start wearing you're own style. 

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