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Bohem | Sterling Silver False Nails

I recently heard about a new company who had created a range of precious metal accent nails so I simply had to find out more. I've seen mirror shine silver nails and I've seen gold and silver polish manicures but never actual Hallmarked precious metal and enamel ones. 

The brainchild of these nails are a company called Bohem and they do indeed sell Sterling silver and gold accent nails! I have to say that this is the only company I have come across doing this so I had to get some nails to show you what they're really like, and if they are worth the money.  There are 11 collections. Each collection is organised by either colour or a particular style such as Gothic, Vintage, Gypsy, Black and Choc for example. Here are my favourite nail designs from each collection. 

The price ranges from around £35 to £150+ and there are 3 sizes to ensure you get the right fit. There are also a range of lengths from short to long and nail shapes vary too so be sure to take a look at each collection. You may surprisingly find a favourite in a collection you never thought to look in. 

My nails are from the black collection and are the 'print' design. These cost £55 for one or £100 for two and come with a set of sticky tabs and a polishing cloth. The sticky tabs simply stick to your nail and really do secure your Bohem beauty down ensuring it doesn't fall off but doesn't damage the nail plate. I'm sure there is a picture of someone on their Facebook page who actually ran miles and the nail still remained in place firmly. Here is a picture my nail applied, apologies for not fully manicuring my nails I simply had to try this baby on for size asap. 

Personally, I love these nails. I love the innovative concept and how unique they are, we wear silver and gold necklaces, palm rings, ear cuffs so why not accent nails? are we not in an era where the more bejewelled the better? I really wish Bohem were around in 2004 when I got married as I would have definitely had a nail from the blue collection on my ring finger, ensuring my husband didn't try to put the ring on the wrong finger like he ahem, did on the day. 

Each of these nails are officially stamped by the British Assay office down in Birmingham so you know you are buying genuine precious metal, you can take a peek at Bohem's website and take a look at their wonderful gallery of pics over on their Facebook here. 

So guys instead of putting a ring on it, why not put a nail on it until the ring appears down the line? 

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