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Coming Soon | Rihanna's 'Riri Woo' Lipstick for MAC

Mac's Ruby Woo red lipstick is one of their bestsellers which is worn by so many celebrities on the red carpet including Rihanna. Rihanna tends to rock a red lip at most events and no-one can say she doesn't look beautiful when she does so. Red definitely shows off her features and fiery confidence so it was only natural that she would take the next step into this sort of collaboration. 

Rihanna has created a reworked version of the famous Ruby Woo lipstick which she has named 'Riri Woo'. I can't give her points for being unique with the name, I would have loved to have seen her name it something major but, we can't win them all, can we.

Riri Woo is packaged in the normal way but this limited edition has Rihanna's signature embossed into it. The colour is one of those reds that suits everyone and makes your teeth look whiter instantly. I'm hoping by applying this I may turn into a sexy sultry singing goddess so I WILL be purchasing this in 2 days as an early birthday present and will keep you posted (we can all dream right.)

Riri Woo is released on May 3rd in the U.K and will cost around £14 and it is released on May 2nd in the USA and will cost around $16. Will you be rocking the Riri Woo shade this Spring/Summer? 

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