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Fat polish | Revlon 3D Plumping Topcoat

I'm not one to jump on a beauty bandwagon unless I am genuinely interested in a product. Similarly, I do not tend to blog about items unless they are something I truly love, hate or I'm intrigued by. When the Nails Inc Kensington plumping topcoat was released I was definitely interested, I think I had it somewhere in my head that it would make nail varnish particles swell and look all chubby like gel polish does (I'm not right in the head). Just like you guys, I do read reviews before parting with my hard-earned cash and the reviews were most definitely mixed. Some thought it was the next best thing and others hated it as it cracked inexplicably. 

I was in Boots and saw that Rimmel had a variation of the plumping top coat. Knowing that many brands simply re-label products I just HAD to try this. I do like Rimmel products and their normal topcoats are a must-have for me-they simply work and work very well in my opinion.  As for the rest of their products well, they aren't ones I instinctively grab as I am a sucker for fancy colours, ingredients, and packaging- either way, this plumping top coat could go either way. 

I swatched Nails Inc's Red St James polish on to 3 nail swatches. One has no top coat, the other had the plumping and the last have Rimmel's basic topcoat. Why do you think is the plumping top coat? My husband ironically got this right straight away. The plumping coat reminds me of thick syrupy acrylic, it applies thick but dries really fast (faster than normal topcoat) and the brush is chubby too so you can swipe it on in one go. I applied the topcoat to naked nails to test it out and my nails are still fab 1 week later. 

If you guessed the middle one then you are right. The middle one in person looks glassy, glossy and overall shinier. I am really impressed by this top coat and I honestly think this may be better than Nails Inc, at least there's no cracking or huge price hike. The Rimmel 3D plumping top coat costs £4.49 or is currently on a 3 for 2 at Boots

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